25 April 2016

More Autumn Colour

A few shots from Mittagong Junction late in the day.

6027 leading an LDP on BM7.

Double NRs on NY3.

Two shades of CEVA curtain sided containers.  


23 April 2016

Highland Autumn Colours

The colours around the Southern Highlands are spectacular at the moment and with a little bit of sun out this last week, I have been busying getting the shots before the leaves drop.

The first four photos are taken at Burradoo and the last group are taken at Mittagong Junction.

LDP001 leading BM7 through Burradoo.

Double NRs elephant style on NY3.

Rather plan back to back NRs on BM4 intermodal service.

A Down passenger arrives into Burradoo station.

The morning up Canberra Explorer service passes through Mittagong Junction.

NR14 leading 2126 stone train past the Braemar branch.

Double NRs on PS7.

A green G as the trailing unit on WM2 steel service.

The unusual combination of TT/NR leading 2196 stone train.  An NR was on the rear as well.


17 April 2016

Is that TNT orange I see?

Has this RQWW (JCW 22019) go past me today and the underside looked rather unusual. 

Looks like someone has given it a bit of a clean and exposed the original paint which would no be more than 40 years old!  


15 April 2016

New SCF Side Doors

Some new SCF side door containers on various superfreighters today.

SCFU 314101 with vertical ribbing.

SCFU 316006 with horizontal ribbing.

40ft variant SCFU 612025.


13 April 2016

New Toll Curtain Sider

Came across this new Toll curtain-sider on MB4 today.  It is TINT 4091022


12 April 2016

Ettamogah Rail Hub Containers

A couple of brand spanking new Ettamogah Rail Hub container on MW2 on Wednesday.  These are ERHU 000001 and 000003.  They are supplied by SCF and have a soft top roof.


09 April 2016

Interesting load on PS6

Something a little different today on PS6. A flat bed trailer on a Corden flatrack.


05 April 2016

Late 1311

A couple of shots of a late running 1311 at Bargo a few weeks back.