19 May 2014

Bargo Brightness

A couple of trains from last week at Bargo

PS6 led by NR62.

Unit 48 container PVDU 480014

Flat KT522 carrying two Oilfield and Resource Rental 7800L pods.

All Direct Containers ADQU 200297

Tahmoor coalie led by 9303 and 9301 on the rear end.


11 May 2014

82s on the Tahmoor

8218 leads an empty TM81 service at Aylmerton.  The 82s are becoming more rare on these services as the TTs, and more recently 93 class have taken over duties.  One of the main reasons newer AC traction locos are operating these services is to improve the transit time between Tahmoor and Moss Vale, due to smaller times between passenger services.  This shot was in late April 2014.


10 May 2014

Berrima Cement 2134

The Berima cement job is a regular from Berrima to Clyde, departing Berrima Junction generally Monday to Friday around 1130am.  Normal power is an 81 class, but strange transfer movements have occurred the past few years.

8172 leads 2134 past Aylmerton.

NPRF 82030.

NPRF 82031.

NPRY 12041 with a prototype ground operated centre hatch!

NPRY 12078

NPRY 18224.


08 May 2014

Breeze Logistics

Shot this today on MB4.  

BRZC01 965077.  'Cool' graphics on the side.  Enjoy!