26 June 2012

The Present (25/06/12) Afternoon

A few Steellink jobs in the afternoon.

 XW4 with the star combo of NR/AN/NR.

 A favourite of mine - AN2.

Once owned by FCL, PRRY 5011 with scrap steel containers. 

Four RQIW wagons were part of the train - all with overhauled bogies.  Here is RQIW 60335 - looks funny with black bogies. 

The trailing unit in NP3 was NR118.  I was running out of light by 3.45pm! 

RCSF 90.  This wagon still has that old Barber bogie fitted. 

RKCX 59 - strangely not a former VR ELX.

The sun illuminates the underside of RKGF 20915 nicely. 

Pretty well permanently on plate steel traffic, RKJX 8 with a load ex Port Kembla. 

RKTF 2163 with a load of pipes and the extra set of middle doors installed. 

ROOX 2992, which up until recently still carried an ANR logo.


25 June 2012

The Present (25/06/12)

I'm a little behind with some photo posting, so rather than falling further behind, here are some photos from today taken around the Mittagong area.

Recently repainted CFCLA Jumbo 44209.

Smoking it up like a dirty ALCo.  Note the red remnants on the roof from the former R&H livery! 

A CQYY being hauled back to Cooks River after repairs at Bradken. 

A Down local pass to Moss Vale. 

ARG grain train via Sydney to Inner Harbour. 

Rainbow Warrior LQ 3122. 

AHGX 34156 in yellow. 

AHGX 34160 in green. 

AGWF 21835

Part 2 coming up shortly.


16 June 2012

QLD Part 2

I headed to Laidley with a mission - to get the Westlander.  Here are the shots from 7 June 2012.

Between 8am and 11am, I managed 4 coal trains and the Westlander.

An empty coal headed west. 

An empty coal coming through the station. 

Westlander with double black 2470s at Laidley.
Westlander at Calvert.

A loaded coal at Laidley. 

Another loaded coal at Laidley. 

1650 at Redbank. 

A GNZ wagon at Redbank - I imagine this is a long way from its normal operation location. 

A shunter wagon or works vehicle. 

A standard gauge QHBH yet to be delivered.  In the yard were some 'returned' QHBH wagons also.


12 June 2012

Little Toowoomba Range

Having spent the last 10 days in Brisbane, I just had to get out on the western line for some photography.  On 5/6/12 I headed out for the day and went snapping between Rosewood and Toowoomba - focussing mainly around the Laidley/Gatton area.  Here are some of the shots of the day.

 Calvert - Loaded Coal

 Calvert - Container

 Grantham - Loaded Coal

Murphys Creek - Empty Coal

Spring Bluff - Loaded Coal

Redbank - A favourite of mine - the prototype VSO!