12 April 2020

Breeze Eskimo is Back!

Seems that Breeze are leasing some containers from SCF.  AT least 6 have turned up repainted in all white with SCF logos and the Breeze Logistics eskimo.  These are all from the SCFU 8100xx series with the rounded refrigerated unit ends (i.e the lower numbers).  

The eskimo always faces the reefer unit.  

The top three photos are all taken in April of fresh boxes.

The SCU boxes were painted up in Feb or March 2020 and did a few trips without eskimo logos.

The rest of the fleet currently look like this with the old orange top and bottom rails and a new SCF logo.

Way back in 2011 this box we very new and sported the Rail Containers branding for SCF.  


10 April 2020

Toll Tasmania - A bit rare

I have seen these in Tassie before, but have never seen them venture into NSW.  

Earlier in the week I snapped this Toll Tasmania 20ft curtain-sider marked for Devondale.