20 February 2019

Canadian Tyre 60ft Container

I could only laugh when I read the blurb from Canadian Tyre and Canadian National on their 'World First' 60ft intermodal container.

Touted as being delivered in late 2015, and in operation in 2016, the time frame is comparable to the prototype Sadleirs 60ft container RCS 6301 which was on rail in Australia in late 2015.  

Despite the close timings beween the Canadian Tyre and Sadleirs container, there is no doubting that FCL (now Linfox) led the way with the first 60ft container.  While I can't find an exact date of manufacture, I have found evidence of it from 2004 and my photos are from 2011 when it was converted into an office space at Parkes NSW for Transtank (which closed in 2016 and the container is no longer on site).      

The blurb from CT and CN on the 'first' 60ft container.

A photo of the container, courtesy of Mac Mackay.
Two photos of RCS 6301 (also CICU 982982-7) which was a concept container to replace boxcars with container.  Photos courtest of Pete Donaghy.


The real world first 60ft (19m) container was built be FCL around 2004.  Here are my photos of it at Parkes in 2011 being used as an office space for Transtank.  


19 February 2019

Hard Life Containers - for the modellers

Below are a few examples I have shot recently of beaten, battered, faded, rusted, and patched shipping containers.  These are great examples for modeller, and in most cases, not all that difficult to replicate.


17 February 2019

Jumbo Coils

I have always liked the jumbo coil loads primarily due to the variety of wagons they travel on.  I stumbled across WM2 last week and managed to get a few trailing shots as it zoomed past.  Below are few of the interesting loads, especially for the modellers.  

RCKF 50 with two tall skinny coils at each end and small one in the middle.  The wagon loofs very well loaded and probably close to maximum capacity.

RCKF 74 was another well loaded short coil wagon.  Most wagons only carry two jumbo coils either due to weight or cradle design/style.

RCQF 20318 with three very similar coils, but the closest one has been outside for a while as evident by the rust.

A real wild load on RCQF 20531, with a long fatty up front, a little one in the middle and tall skinny on the end.  Great evidence for modern era modellers that they can mix it up with the coils.


15 February 2019

Rare 25R1 Reefer

You don't see many 25R1 shipping reefers around, as most are the more common 22R1 8'6 type. The 25R1 type is 9'6.  This one was spotted at Qube's Harefield site the other day.  It is RSLU 320123-8 and owned by Reef Shipping/Matson.  


13 February 2019

Regional Connect Y 115

Snapped this beauty from the Hume Highway today while passing through Albury/Ettamogah.

This is the second Y class done up for Regional Connect, the other being Y151.


05 February 2019

DAL 45G1

You don't see many of these around.  I believe this is on hire to Mearsk.

DAL.biz 45G1 container DAYU 611866-3.


04 February 2019

SCFU 887124-2

What looks to be a new SCF iso tank 22K2 type.  SCFU 887124-2.