30 September 2011

29 September 2011

Double Stacks Part 1

I love double stacks!  They have always attracted me to South Australia - especially National Rail/PN  service MP5/PM5. 

Australian companies certain embrace brightly coloured containers when compared to the 'Yanks'.  This aspect makes for a rainbow of colours especially when containers are freshly painted.

A few people have contacted me about posting some mid 2000 double stack photos, so here are three posts all from March 2006, taken just north of Adelaide in the Two Wells area.

Enjoy!  (I certainly did). 

MB4 - 22/09/2011

A late running MB4 with a colourful combo through Mittagong. 

The lighting was a bit head on, but I didn't have time to move down towards the station. 

PQYY 7083 

A repainted Brambles Shipping reefer.  This box would be over 10 years old. 

Looks like ANL have been buying up second hand shipping reefers from all different shipping lines (note that each container is different).  The one with the orange reefer is probably ex Hamburg Sud.  Those who like a bit of detective work can probably work out the former owners based on the container numbers.


28 September 2011

Clinker - 19/09/2011

An Up cliner job from Berrima to Maldon on 19/09/2011.

Single 8123 was upfront.  Note the PacNat sticker near the porthole window.  I recall these were fitted by Temora or Coota depot staff.

The only NPEF to carry PN logos - 82003.
The other end, as displayed by NPEF 82026.


NP3 - 19/09/2011

A few wagons from NP3 last week at Aylmerton.

RCSF 30 with a white top rail, and yellow bottom section.   

Recently built tilt bed RKVY 8005. 

Fresh yellow side sills highlight the length of monster plate wagon RKXF 60116. 

A very pleasing jumbo flat - RQNW 60020.  The wagon was originally painted all blue after derailment repairs a few years back and has copped the yellow side sill as part of the PN program. 


27 September 2011

Broadmeadow Locos 14/09/2011

A few loco shots from around Broadmeadow Yard a few weeks back:

A pair of 423s taking 5011 to the DELEC wheel lathe, 

Qube owned 44202. 

BL33 on a cement job headed for Cylde. 

Clean and new XRN 011.


Repaired NGPF

Taken at Carrington on 13/09/2011 - NGPF 35971 fresh from repairs.  Probably a Varley repair job.


24 September 2011

PS7 - 12/09/2011

PS7 through Mittagong on 12/09/2011. 

PS7 with the usual small quantity of Sadleirs vans up front. 

Series 1 van RLUY 18640 in a repainted green but the roof is ooking worse for wear. 

A new Pedemont container with afra markings. 

An interest load of steel pipes handing off the 40ft flat rack.


23 September 2011

Tahmoor Coalie

8239 leading an empty Tahmoor job back to the mine.  Note the different number boards on 8239.

22 September 2011

PW4 - 12/09/2011

A few photos of PW4 from 12/09/2011 at Mittagong and Aylmerton.

Coming through Mittagong. 

Coming under Aylmerton Road - just before a big mud hole with a 60km/h restriction.

An RKDF loaded with copper. 

RKEF 5 loaded with square bar. 

RKPF 30313. 

New RKVY 8001 

Even newer, RKVY 8005