22 October 2018

CAT Power

A CAT Rental Power container (RNWU 600992-2) on PS6 last week.


18 October 2018

LYGU Folding Container

Managed to grab this on PS7 this morning.  It looks like a normal 45G1 container but has been modified so the sides fold down like a stage, in three equal lengths.

Something different.  The straps are probably a safety measure.


13 October 2018

ISO Tanks

Scored a heap of ISO tanks on PN's MB4 service a couple of weeks back.


03 October 2018

Qube's 1311 at Bowning

On the way home from a trip down south, I managed the time for a shot of Qube's 1311 'paper train' coming through the old station at Bowning.


02 October 2018

Unit 48 - Reefer

While it doesn't look brand-spanking new, it probably isn't that old.  

This is Unit 48's PVDU reefer, numbered 483001-1, so is probably a prototype.

Other Unit48 containers (generals and curtain siders) are running around the country as can be seen here and here.