17 December 2016

100th Post and Merry Christmas

Another great year, with 100 posts achieved, and plenty of interesting photos.  

I thought I would share an interesting container load from MB7 a few weeks ago.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and thank you for visiting my Blog!

Looking forward to posting some more great photos in 2017!


Royal Wolf double 10ft containers running as a pair and marked as RWTU 600390-7.

Titan Containers Artic Store 40ft reefer (45R1) TITU 993389-6


10 December 2016

CF on BM7

CF4402 made an appearance on BM7 the other day, between an LDP and a 6020.


06 December 2016

Freightliner L4s

Two painted Freightliner box cabs, GL112 and G533 stabled in Broadmeadow Yard


BM7 and Sinotrans

A nice combo on BM7 last week, with G516 in the shafts.  

Not markings you see everyday on an ISO tank.  Here is Sinotrans WSDU 600069-3.