31 July 2012

SSR 7278 Rail Train

An unusual shunt at Mittagong occurred last week.  SSR dropped off a railset into the down refuge - a pretty rare sight to see the siding shunted as it requires an ARTC employee to operate the frame inside the signal box.

Not much sun about, but managed a sunny while the train crew tested continuity.  The departing train crossed a late running PS6 service.


30 July 2012

47 Class

A triple 47 combo at Lithgow last week. 


22 July 2012

PS6 - 18 July 2012

A few of PS6 from 18 July, at Aylmerton

A quad combo with a 81 in the mix. 

8120 with the Intermodal style paint scheme. 

An HOFU container with the kookaburra logo. 

In Intermodal Solutions ISHU container. 

A mark 1 RLSY in PN livery.  Note the old red ends and roof. 

An early RLSY paint scheme - pretty ratty these days!


16 July 2012

Colourful BQAYs

Here are a few BQAY photos from back in May, taken at Bendigo.

While most are black with red sides and yellow ends and bogies, there are a few private owner liveries in the fleet. 

Keep an eye out for these in NSW over the next few weeks.


12 July 2012

XW4 - Irwin and a NOCY

A few shots of XW4 last week with an interesting combo and a rare NOCY.

NR75 with the shadow of Steve Irwin.  Interestingly, only three people have had their face on the side of a train - 1) Steve Irwin, 2) Kevin Sheedy, 3) 'My old man' Dave Jones.


NOCY 34607, one of only six NOCY/ROCY opens left in service.  These are primarily used to move bogies to and from repair facilities.


02 July 2012

An ROOX Day Out

A very unusual line up on ROOX open wagons appeared on 22/6.  I don't think they were loaded - maybe being transferred for a project or off to be stored. 

It should be noted that the ROOX fleet has cut out holes in the side for strapping. 

ROOX 2146 with a missing logo panel - showing the old red underneath. 

ROOX 2622 still with ANR logos. 

ROOX 2624 which had Commonwealth Railways logos up until recently. 

ROOX 2845 missing a few boards on the side. 

ROOX 2932 looing a little beaten up. 

ROOX 2954 with Australian National Railways logo boards. 

ROOX 2993 with a PN repaint job.

A very interesting fleet of former AOOX open wagons!