28 February 2018

The Ghan - Out of Area

Ghan NR74 led 3MB4 this morning.  Here is a shot coming into Bowral, past the big green poplars. 


26 February 2018

SCT Variations

A few shots of SCT's MB9 past Aylmerton a couple of wees back.

SCT 008 leading another SCT unit.  The CSR Chinese locos have pretty much disappeared over the last few months; most likely to continued failures resulting in network delays.

An ABSY with a re-sheeted roof.  

The standard PQKY inline fuel wagon with container SCT 40218.

PQIY 0027 loaded with Wilson transformers from Wodonga to Brisbane. 

PQIY 0006 loaded with an SCT reefer and a former Aurizon reefer.  Both are 40ft+ types.

PQIY 0016 loaded with a former FCL reefer, and an original SCTR reefer (004).  


22 February 2018

Sadleirs Van

I had to share this shot with you.  It reminds me of rail-fanning in the US; the classic box car with a well rusted roof.  

This one is RLUY 18646 and is the early version with no louvres in the centre section of each panel.

The lime green is well faded, and thankfully this one has escaped the vandals.


21 February 2018


Grab a couple of morning shots earlier this month of back to back trains a bit after 8am. 

Repaint 8239 leading empty TM71.

TT118 leading loaded stone train 2196.


19 February 2018

Toll Repaint TSPD

Came across this repaint yesterday.  It is an old 48ft box and is marked as TSPD 48129-2.  

I believe this is an old Boxcar container, and Toll have a couple of them painted in the new green colour, but without logos.


18 February 2018

Tassie TQAY

I had a quick trip to Tassie last week and managed to get some photos.  Here are a couple of Chinese built 40ft TQAY skels.  

TQAY 100 with a pair of SCFU side door containers, marked for Toll as TSSD.

TQAY 144 with a Cronos leas box marked as TSTG, and a BOC CO2 ISO tank #42.


17 February 2018

New Linfox Boxes

Following on from my sighting on 25/11/18 (Link) of new Linfox 46'6 reefers, new 22ft reefers and 48ft curtain-siders have turned up.  

FTLD 9122702.  I would assume the '22' in the code is a reference to the length.

Another angle of FTLD 9122702.

Next in the build is Linfox FTLD 9122703.

The 48ft curtain-siders are interesting in that they have a fair amount of info on the curtain itself.  Historically most of the info has been on the solids ends.  Here is LTMU 3148714.

In sequence again, Linfox LTMU 3148715.

The reefer coding of 'F' is likely to follow old FCL coding methods and the L on the curtain siders would be for Linfox.


06 February 2018

Bore Horizontal Butter Boxes

Managed to hit the Bore Horizontal jackpot the other week while in Newcastle.  It appears these containers run from Port Kemble to Brisbane regularly.  

I first saw repainted blue Bore Horizontal containers back in 2016 in Morandoo (LINK) and since then they have chosen to use green and the container colour, although it appears recent conversion have been a pretty average patch job with BH stencilled on a green background.  The based are also no longer being painted black but have the centre section painted green.

Auscision do a great model of the blue and green containers.  (LINK)