30 December 2019

Sydney Light Rail

100 posts for the year yet again, and I thought I would finish with some photos of the new Sydney Light Rail which opened during December.  Below are a few shots from around the Circular Quay to Town Hall section. 

Thank you to everyone who follows my Blog, and a warm welcome to 2020!


24 December 2019

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone safe and merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Here is an interesting wagon I shot in Lewistown PA back in March 2015.

Thanks for following my blog during 2019!  See you all in 2020.


14 December 2019


Not a lot of Ettamogah Rail Hub PQAW action at the moment, with PQAW 20 being a regular on the tail of 3BM4 services during November.  


12 December 2019

Classic FCL Bulkers

A couple of classics on MB4 last week, with both types of original orange FCL FCBU bulkers on the same train.  These date back to the mid 1990s from memory, so are pushing nearly 25 years in service which is impressive for a container.


10 December 2019

New Linfox 48ft Boxes

I posted a few new 40ft box photos the other week and now it is time for new 48ft boxes.

Here are LFGU 3089037 and 3089087.


09 December 2019

New SCF 40ft

Loving the orange posts on these.  

New SCFU 40ft containers 419119-1 and 419133-4


03 December 2019

RASP Double Stack

I do love seeing this arrangement on the RASP concentrate containers.  

This double stacking was on NQHX 14533.


02 December 2019

Kitchens on the Run

Mobile kitchen containers are a pretty funky idea.  Here is box K034L belonging to Kitchens on the Run.  I last shot some of these boxes in March 2018.


01 December 2019

Tasmanian Furniture Transport

An interesting logo on this removalist container.  Marked for Tasmanian Furniture Transport, the container is coded TFT 003 and is a standard 25G1 type.