30 September 2010

GL111 Freightliner Livery

GL111 is the first GL to be painted in a livery other than the standard CFCLA livery.

With a long term contract in place, GL111 has been painted for CFCLA's customer Freightliner.

Very Nice!!


I'm back from holidays in Brisbane. I'll post some NG photos in the coming days.

Caught this Sadleirs container on PS6 yesterday. Now numbered RCS 2143, it is a former Freight Australia container. Sadleirs are running similar containers but the FA or VLine logos have been painted out.

An interesting find in Moss Vale!!


22 September 2010

Spoil Wagons

Following a discussion on Aus Model Rail, here are some spoil wagons which look similar to NOFF wagons.

Coded NDCF, these yellow creatures are former G wagons. They were painted yellow when they were converted into a continuous open wagon rake for no stop loading. They have since been split up and new ends built for them.

Still coded NDCH, these are the same origin as the NDCF wagons. They are fited with various end panels depending on what has been replaced over time.

This NDBF is a former BD/NOAF open wagon with shunters platforms on each end.

Without the end platforms, this short spoil wagon is an NDNF which is a former BD/NOAF open wagon.

18 September 2010


As the days get longer, the lighting gets nice for 2207 - the SSR concrete sleeper train from Braemar to Sydney, via Moss Vale. Seen here at Mittagong.

GM27 and 44206 lead s hort train.

A Sleeper wagon wioth 'glut' bins.

A almost empty NDXF.

An NDYF with removable cradles.


NGXH 37042. I haven't snapped one of these for a while.


PS Loading

Some photos from a few weeks back.

RRAY 7164

RLSY 18749

RLSY 18639 (and early model KLY)

Toll Metro container SPD636

17 September 2010

ARBY Photos

Some ARBY SCT van photos for Norm.

ARBY 4444. Note the location of the Refrigeration lettering. I recall that 4444 and 2677 were prototypes for the ARBY van. Anyone confirm which one it was?

An ABFY being converted at Gemco

A very fresh ARBY with a Carrier reefer unit. All new ARBYs had Carrier units fitted.

Sealed doors fitted to the ARBY vans. Note that the black stipe and lettering is rarely uniform on any two wagons, as the large SCT logos seem to start in slightly different locations each time.

A one off - It has LOGISTICS rather than refrigeration on the side.

Note the Termo King reefer unit - The Carrier unit would have been replaced.

An even newer Thrmo King unit with red details.


15 September 2010


The Somerton to Berrima cement train is running again. Generally the loco is 8153 although some G class have operated the train also.

8153 coming through Mossy station

8153 about to enter the Berrima cement works

Some various cement wagon detail photos


Dynon Photos

Some old Dynon photos from August 20th.

VLCX 38 at the back of the Storage Yard.

Metro unloading spoils bins.

The Vline/Victrack section of the Storage Yard.

Y157 at Dynon

Y142 on the BG TT


Stored RKEX 19 and NQPY 14911

P22 and G525

NRC shunt

N453 on the SG TT. The first N ever on standard gauge?

13 September 2010

RKXF 60094

RKXF 60094 has gone through for the yellow side treatment.

PN 48 Repaint

Last week freshly repainted 48159 graced the rails at Moss Vale as part of the concrete sleeper trains running between Braemar and Parkes.

8130 sitting behind Mossy Box.


PS6 a few weeks back


A K&S flat rack with timber load, on a 80ft skel.

GKR002 - Not normally seen on the eastern seaboard.

A repainted 35t FCL container, now IMSU 480246

A new Linfox and old FCL bulk container share the same platform.

GC - Peter Donaghy - WNB Photo

It's about time we had a return to the Guest Contributor section. Thanks to Peter 'Doh' for this shot.

Here is a shot a few months back of a very ew WNB 543.

Six were built in total - 541 to 546.