27 February 2016

MB4 Wagons

A few wagon and container photos from MB4 back on 17/2.

A piar of NRs sandwich a green G class on MB4.

QRRS built RQHY 7023 with a FCL container FJSV 429105.  All RQHY wagons have recently had work completed around the headstock and bolster area, as evident by the fresh paint.

RQHY 7024with a Sadleirs 48ft RCS 4823 container.

Breeze BRZC 10 on RQHY 7056.

Toll curtain sider 3NW968 on RQJW 21998.  Note the single new wheel under the far end.

BOC tanktainer OFSU 550233 with a load of Carbon Dioxide.  This single container is loaded on RRKY 2694 with aligned bogies and recently greased bearings (green caps).   

It has to be empty to be appreciated!  RRKY 4338 is believed to be the only skeletalised deck RM/RMX/RQKY/RRKY wagon around.  This modification was completed in 1990 by Australian National, and has been a regular on the east coast in recent times.    

With freshly repainted side, VQTY 563 carries Toll N4L460 curtain sider and a Cronos bulker container.


21 February 2016

A few 20s

A selection of 20ft boxes from the other morning.

BOC Limited tank BAPU 100008 22T4 tank with Ethylene.

The other side of a BAPU tank.  This one was 100020.

Linfox side door FSDU 9102007.

Shipping Container Rentals FUKU 380896.

A new Grace Removals box GRRU 230215.


19 February 2016

Gemco PQGY on PN Services

Over the last few days I have noticed 3 groups of 10 PQGY container wagons running on jumbo coil services from Port Kembla to Melbourne.  They are fitted with the DMC or DMJU coil containers.  These wagons were previously used on the IMX mineral traffic in South Australia.

The last time I saw one of these was back in 2010 when they were new.  Enjoy!  

18 February 2016

New SCF Side Door Containers

Two new SCF side door containers from the last few days.

40ft 4PG2 SCFU 612025-8 on an Aurizon service to Melbourne.

20ft 2PG4 SCFU 314091-8 on a PN service from Melbourne to Brisbane.


13 February 2016

Southern Spirit on BM4

A colourful combo passed through Mittagong on Thursday afternoon, hauling BM4 intermodal service.


Breeze Logistics container BRZC 10 which was formerly RWRU 0011.

BRZC 13 which was formerly SCFU 814065

BRZC 15 which was formerly SCFU 814070

Linfox ventilated side door CTUU 155108.  The 'UU' has been removed from the side panel but remains on the roof.

Tanks OFSU 550254 and 550253 hauling Ethylene.

Aggreko site office RWCM 302956.

SCFU tank 211035, which is in non standard SACF colours.


11 February 2016

Breeze Logistics

Here is Breeze Logistics reefer container BRZC 18.

This container is quite unique in that the main members are painted a dark blue rather than a silver or grey colour.  This reefer was formerly SCFU 807018-2.


06 February 2016

North Queensland - Townsville

Here is the first of a few shots from the Townsville region.  Shame the weather was rather foul!

A 2800 class on a nickel service.

2333 on the Inlander, ready to depart Charters Towers.  I believe this was the origin of this service due to a major derailment near Stuart a few days earlier.

PN loaded service stabled at Woldston while track repairs were being conducted.  The storm rolled in quickly and the road got muddy very quickly!

The mid-train WDP unit on the PN train comprising of ROAF open wagons.

A concentrate train held up at Woodstock with a pair of 4000 class.

Slightly less rain to the north east.

A 2800 heading into Townsville Jetty.

An empty service waiting in South Yard.

A view of South Yard from Castle Hill.

Aurizon wagon photos coming during this month!