30 December 2010

Happy New Year

Well this is my last post for 2010.

With just under 200 post for the year, I am pretty amazed at what I have seen and where I have travelled. I have found Blogging to be an excellent way to share my photos.

I'm starting a new job in 2011 with a rail operator, so probably won't be interstate much (except for holidays!!).

For those that don't know, I have just finished with CFCLA after more than 8 years, managing the Intermodal rollingstock fleet (about 800 wagons).

In 2011 I hope to publish a few books (mainly picture books - a bit like my Blog), showcasing interesting wagons from around the country - all taken in beautiful lighting conditions of course.

Have a Happy New Year, and Happy Snapping!!


R1001 & R1004

A couple of quick shots at West Basin (Carrington/Newcastle).



A Seacell container with a difference. Check out the container code!!


Newcastle Coal

Some photos from Newcastle a few weeks back.

The terminal photos were taken with PWCS permission at Kooragang. The first three photos are not publicaaly accessible.

Kwik Drop ramp for opening wagon doors.

The deprature roads at Kooragang, as seen from the dump stations.

A 92 class emerges out of Dump Station 1 (DS1)

New NHDH 95444 (rusty one) and 95443 (with logo) have just come off the wharf after arriving from China. The rust is due to the wagons being deck cargo and being exposed to the salt water.

18 December 2010

Recycled Trailer

Came across this one by accident. Noticed on the underside (as I walked passed) a sticker with the old trailerail code RTAP 1002.

The front end connector has been cut back, but the back still has the slot. I think it still carries the oiginal rego plates. When in trailerail service, the flat bed was painted green and yellow.


Sadleir Vans

After a few trips to SA, I finaly got some shots of completed RLSY/RLUY vans.

RLUY18665 was the only RLUY in the rake. Interestingly the logo board was at the opposite end to the other wagons. The boards are diagonally opposite on each side.

RLSY 18699 with a blank panel on the far left end


Fresh Paint in SA

A bit of fresh paint around Islington in early December.

Technically it has had a fresh repaint, albeit in a multicoloured attack. CHMF 17 was formerly owned by CFCLA and sold to Coleman Rail a few years back.

PQGY 3001, owned by Gemco Rail, only days before going on a high speed trial.

PQGY 3001, CHCH 7602, and 7 Sadleirs vans - all freshly painted. The CHCH was also going on a high speed trail.

3 pairs of newly constructed well wagons and 7 freshly repainted RLSY/RLUY vans

A long string of rebuilt Hamersley ore cars - now coded CHCH for an ore project in WA.

Locos at Islington

Built about the same time in the 1950s in Australia, The SCT T (345) and the TLs (Formerly 52, 53, 54, 55) work a world apart. The T in Victoria, and the TLs in Hong Kong.

Qube 44202, still hanging around Islington.

Dry Creek Wagons

Some various wagons fromn Dry Creek a few weeks back.

WFDY 30001 with a pair of loco bogies. Not sure if QR/ARG or GWA own this wagon.

ECA 132

ATMY 251

ALGY 57, used for equipment recovery. This wagon, geset wagon AGGY 1, and some crew cas went to Cadney Park last week to do a Freightlink recovery task. Note the ASR logos.

Stored AKMX 4. Former steel wagon.

Genset wagon AGGY 1. Many of these wagons became SQGFs in NSW, or LOAF/AOGF with LVRF. AGGY occasionaly finds itself on trains where the crew car has no generator. From memory, 4 were in existance.

Dual Colour VHHF

Sitting in SSR Bendigo Workshops in November was VHHF 832 with Freight Australia green on one side and PN blue on the other.