30 May 2017

Flat Rack Load

A cool load of scissor lifts on a Simon flat rack from Perth.


29 May 2017

8202 on Tahmoor Coalie

A clean 8202 leading an empty Tahmoor coalie through Aylmerton last week.


27 May 2017

Brown CGM CGA 45G1 Container

A saw one of these a few earlier on a west bound container train at Lithgow but didn't have time to get a shot.  The other day, I passed one on the freeway and managed to get this grab shot of a brown Beacon lease container with CMA CGM markings.  

All the other CMA CGM lease containers I have seen are blue, like this Seaco one.

Matt's Place has a nice shot of a brown Beacon lease CMA CGM here.


26 May 2017

GL111 and CFCLA Grain Train

Grabbed some shots of 3960 earlier this week coming through Mittagong, as it is most likely banned from the Illawarra Mountain after the run away a few weeks back.  

GL111, leading a pair of CMs and a rake of 40 CFCLA grain hoppers (39 x CGSY and 1 x CGDY).

Gl111 passing the old Station Master's residence (built in 1874) and a lovely Autumn tree.

Class leader CGSY 4501 with some fading.

CGSY 4519, A end leading.

CGSY 4526, B end leading.

CGSY 4538 with the lid open.  

The sole CGDY (4029), just happening to be on the rear.


Crinkled Reefer

Harris (now RAND) HARR 466001 reefer with some decent wrinkles on the external skin.  I haven't seen any of the older reefers looking like this before.  This reefer would be around 10-15 years old.


24 May 2017

Aurizon MB7 Loading

A few interesting wagon and container shots from a couple of weeks back.

Built as a CQYY but never purchased by CFCLA, Bradken then called these wagons KQYY and were subsequently stored.  Aurizon has now purchased them and called them AQIY.  This one is 00009.  When Aurizon purchased them, they moved the handbrake from the end of the wagon to the side.  The fleet size is 28 wagons (00001-00028).  

AQIY 00012 with a Solvey Interlox ETNU ISO tank with hydrogen peroxide.

Coregas ISO tank PCAU 613136-6, marked as ST36 carrying Argon.

CQGY 510 with a funky looking Chemtrans CTC tank and a K&S flatrack with bathroom modules.  

A K&S KHS flatrack loaded with Wesbeam timber.  I think these would make a great modelling article in AMRM.

A QQBY showing off the height difference between an 8'6 Royal Wolf box and an ASV side door measuring 9'10".

A nice load of generators and power equipment on a Triton 42P3 shipping flatrack/transiflat.

I better show the locos.  The combo was interested with an X in the shafts.  The location is Tahmoor.


23 May 2017

Newcastle Portraits

A few snaps for Carrington in mid May.

8151 and DL44 stabled while their grain train is unloaded at Graincorp.

48101 looking a little worse for wear.

A very clean Graincorp owned 48206.

Heavily modified and refurbished ADPF 2003.  Here is a shot back in 2013.

SSR converted NHKF coal wagons now BGKF with fiberglass lids.

An early Aurizon QHAH with the new logo.


22 May 2017

Toll 40+ Reefers

A few different reefers compared to the common TSHR ones running around.

TTR701 is a Toll Tasmania reefer.  Practically the same as a TSHR.  This one look relatively new.

BSHR 400009 was originally a Brambles reefer (Circa 2000) but has been painted in the modern Toll livery.  Note how low the logo is.   

EDW 400021 is from the same era as the one above, but may have always carried the Toll logo.  The end doors show Toll Tasmania, and the EDW is for Edwards Transport.


18 May 2017

4201 Returns

4201 went for a trial the other day with 4520 and 4807.


12 May 2017

SRS 2192 with Black Caviar

2192 container service ran the other day with CF4412 and CF4411 leading a long string of well wagons.  Here are a few photos of it passing through Picton.


09 May 2017


08 May 2017

Royal Wolf Containers

A couple of new logo Royal Wolf containers, including a pair of 10ft boxes.  

10ft 15GB type RWTU 124362-8 above and below.

Plain Jane 22G1 container RWLU 827567-5


07 May 2017

SCF Containers

Some SCF containers from the last week.  

Marked for Aurizon is SCF side door ASDV 216043-7

Having been repainted and recoded (was QRRF) from QR National livery, this is the forst 40ft+ reefer I have seen with the SCF logo in to top corner.  It is normally in the centre of the container.  This one is SCFU 480062-1.

SCFU 416094-5 in the new grey livery with no side logo.   

SCFU 416106-8 with the side logo.

New 'half-height' (well, really about 6'9") side door container SCFU 616007-6

Another half-height, SCFU 616020-3

Former SCF side door, now marked for Toll Shipping as TSBD 310055-6.


06 May 2017

Flat Rack Loads

Some interesting flat rack loads on Aurizon's MB7 the other morning.

A load of Wesbeam timber on a KHS flatrack.

A stack of KT flatracks, with a tarp covering the gates.

A load of 3 and 4 large crates on K&S flat racks.

A pair of utes on a Caru SLZU flat rack.  These loads are relatively common on Aurizon services.  

The train with double LDPs passing through Bargo station.