31 May 2010

SPCS Ballast Hoppers

Managed to get these after attending a safety induction at Port Kembla.


29 May 2010

More Steelink

It would seem this is all I photo these days!!

A few more Steelink jobs. Most are from NY3 on 28/5, and the RKXF was from PW4 today.

Dark and gloomy, RKXF 60152.

RKWY 2844

RKDF 20465 still with original NRC logo board on the middle section.

RCSF 6 loaded with small coils

An FCL container on the lead of 6NY3 - it is quite common for 2 x 5-packs to be upfront with Perth bound containers.

Steelink Cross 27/5

A late running WP2 crossed XW4 at Mittagong. Here are some shots:

Near original ROOX 3030 with the large ANR board in the middle. This was on XW4

Extra large plate wagon RKXF 60142 (with orange side sill) is loaded on WP2

RKMX 8 is loaded with some coil containers. The front containers is a recent repaint, similar to the yellow ones. This is train XW4

RKFX 2 - normally a pretty boring wagon, but it was loaded with slab or billet - obviously some had been out in the weather - check out the colour difference. One is rusty yellow and the other is blue grey. It would look almost unbelievable as a model!

PW4 24/5

A few shots from PW4 on Monday

People Power NR16 leading 3 other NRs.

RQFX 6 loaded with 2 scrap containers and a coil container. This arrangement isn't common on the Sydney Melbourne corridor.

Yellow painted RKQF 60250. The IDR Model kit could be constructed to present this wagon.

Former NODY, RKHF 20898 loaded with Reo Bar.

Wagon Testing

A bit more travel last week! I spent Saturday north of Newcastle assisting with some wagon testing. Here are a few photos from the day.

CHAY 7042 being loaded at Duralie.

CHAY 7042 coming through the unloading shed at Stratford.

42305 on the lead of the Interail coal train. The wagons behind are QHBF hoppers.

42103 under the loading bin at Duralie

A PN coal train headed by 2 x 82s and probably 54 100t hoppers comes through the loading bin at Stratford. To the right is the unloading shed - both are on the same balloon loop.

21 May 2010

Steelink Friday

A late running WP2 was clouded out, but NY3 passed by in beautiful sunshine at Burradoo.

The rear unit, NR80 still has side hood diamonds.

RCSF 16 still in Vline livery.

RCWF 85067 with a wonky coil on the top right corner.

RKEF 35? loaded with Slab

RKHF 20882 loaded with slab.


Steelink Thursday

A few steel trains through Mittagong on Thursday. Both were quads - XW4 with AN in the shafts, and NY34 had GL111 on the back (on transfer to SA to for CCO).



An RQCX with two blue steel containers. The back container is overhauled and fully repainted in light grey. The blue containers were built by CIMC in China.

An ROOX still in ANR red (dirty brown). Unfortunately the Australian National Railways board has been repainted with a PacNat logo. The wagon was empty and loaded with timbers.

RKOX 4 with an XG NSW bogie fitted. The XG type bogies are becoming more common under steel wagons these days.

An upgraded RKHF 20346 loaded with slab. Only last week this wagon was loaded with reo bar. The upgrade on these wagons allows for different types of loads to be moved, increasing the utilisation of the wagon.

An upgraded RKEF 33 loaded with slab. Only last week this wagon was loaded with reo bar. The upgrade on these wagons allows for different types of loads to be moved, increasing the utilisation of the wagon. An RKEX is in front, still fitted with 50t bogies.

RKGF 20434 with upgraded side posts for billet and slab work. This one has rebuilt side panels.

RKFX 53 has a modified side wall. Probably a repair after damage occurred.

This is one funky tarp. RKCX 1077.

The RCWF wagons are somehow still surviving. Here are two on the back of the train - due to draw gear restrictions. The lead one is lightly loaded.


LImestone Hoppers

Some Limestone hoppers at Moss Vale

Stored NPJH

NPZH with Freightcorp Logo

NPZH with L7 logo

NPIH with Freightcorp Logo

NPIH with L7 logo

NPEF Clinker wagon

20 May 2010


A few photos from Melbourne, of the WBSY hoppers being converted to BG for AWB.


WGSY now on BG

BG bogies in the foreground - and a set of SG bogies in the background. Both are WAAE type.


Canberra Ballast

South SPur are running some ballast trains on the Canberra line this week for ARTC. They get into Goulburn around midday. The combo on this job was C508 and 8044. An NDPF plough van was on the rear, and an AZZX plough was in the yard. This is the northern ballast rake.

I have included a nice selection of the various liveries the hopper wear.