05 May 2010

Morandoo Steel Wagons

Photoed some not some common wagons at Morandoo, plus some upgraded RKHFs.

RKHF 20396 (with 20393 and 20346) have been upgraded and repainted. These wagons, and the upgraded RKEX (No RKEF) are very similar in purpose. These wagons have removable stancions, a cut out section in one end for dunnage, and at the other end, a moveable divider is stored to enable the loading of short products. I beleive the upgrades are being done at EDI Port Augusta.

Gold old RCPF 31857 was in the yard, along ith a few others - 31842, 31823 and 31820. Of interest, this wagon is fitted with an RGXD (50t ride control straight frame - like XLA) and a XGB (50t former top hung) bogie.

I haven't seen one of these in years, and can only assume they see limited use, or are resticted on a particular corridor. RCIX 22161 is seen with a repainted side sill. Also in the consist was RCIX 22134 and 14526. These are former NQIX40ft container flats.


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