25 June 2013

CRL 001

A shot from mid May - CRL 001 at UGL Broadmeaodw.

17 June 2013

A Few Portraits

A couple of locos at Chullora and NTBF 3434 out the back near Sadleirs at Enfield last week. 

03 June 2013

PS7 past the worksite

PS7 gingerly coming past a worksite at Mittagong.
A bit of visual interest.  A new ARTC ute.
RLSY 18648
Intermodal Solutions Big Freeze 46'6 reefer BFPU 466001
PNXD 4196
PNXC 5640
SCFU 811019 reefer.
New Sadleirs RCS 4039
A new Unit48 curtain sided container PVDU 485040
A pair of 24ft PNXC containers