29 October 2012


An interesting collection of CNR built NHDH hoppers on the same unit train photographed in the Hunter a few weeks back.

27 October 2012

Weathering an SCT ABSY

Here was a classic on BM7 last week.  An ABSY with an original roof.  Most have been replaced with corrugated sheeting, but a few remain with the original smooth sheeting.  This one also has the roof hatch which I believe was fitted to allow paper loading.

18 October 2012

RLSY 18735

A bit unusual considering most vans have been repainted when overhauled, but obviously this van went through for a service elsewhere and got the yellow side sill treatment.  The only one I have seen to date.

17 October 2012

Steelink Catch-Up

A few NY3 photos from earlier this month. 
A shabby NR75 continues to turn up in NSW.  On this occasion it was leading another regular of mine - NR45. 
The same job a few days later had an EL for a ride to AHSC in Adelaide.
Sleeper wagons were being conveyed to locations unknown on NY3.  Here is RDTF 60281 and below is 60352.
RKHF 20464 with a yellow sill.

16 October 2012

Tahmoor Coalie

A spring shot of the rear of the Tahmoor coalie, with with Unit Train 52 earlie this month.

12 October 2012

Oops - Forgot ROKX 2276

Forgot to add this shot to the last Blog re 5NY3. 
ROKX 2276 in a very clean CR red was also on the train.

11 October 2012

5NY3 - 11/10/12

Managed a few sunnies today despite the horrid forcast of rain (and lots of it).
5NY3 crossing a local pass.
RKCX 29 with a three-tone PN tarp.
RKLY 20973 with some earlier Royal Wolf container.
RKMY 1076 with some newer Royal Wolf containers marked with PN logos.

10 October 2012

RKLY 20554 - PN Boxes

Something a little unusual on 4NY3 today.  RKLY 20554 (unique as it has 70T bogies fitted), but it was carrying two Royal Wolf boxes marked with Pacific National logos.  Something I haven't previously seen.
This wagon and empty containers came from Brisbane and is headed for Melbourne Steel Terminal.
Click here for a previous Blog on RKLY 20554.

02 October 2012

Graincorp 48207

I managed a very late afternoon photo of Graincorp's 48207 painted with an Aboriginal motif.  This loco was second unit behine 8110 on grain service 2333 from Allied Mills at Maldon.