31 July 2016

NY3 Wagons

I went for a quick shot of NY3 with the interesting combo of NR26/NR18/G in Freight Australia livery.  Luckily there were some interesting wagons in the consist also.

Plate steel wagon RKXF 60226.

From the same class but a different build batch is RKXF 60142.

Tilt bed RKYY 7097 with a load for Wingfield SA.

Aligned bogied RRKY 2353 with a pair of ratty looking shipping containers. 

Some more shipping containers on RQCY 912, which has deck cut-outs.

RQSY 34436 with a mixed pair of Royal Wolf containers.  The red dirt suggests the container is probably on rotation to and from the Kalgoorlie region.

Former VR Open wagon VOFX 143 with a pair of NSW bogies.

RKCX 18 still carrying the original Lysaghts Coiled Steel Traffic sign, has a load covered with a well worn and heavily patched tarp.

NQTY 20280 with a pair of unequal side door containers.  

On the rear was a very long string of RKKY billet/slab wagons.


26 July 2016

ATRF 155940 - Little Aurizon Reefer

A not so common 20+ ATRF Aurizon reefer on MB7 today.  These are a fleet of 15 only.


24 July 2016

PBGY 0004 - SCT 'Black Roof'

Spotted PBGY 0004 on Aurizon's 7BM7 this afternoon with a freshly refurbished roof.

It looks like a thick waterproof material has been applied thickly over the existing roof, probably to prevent rusting and potential water leaks, since there is a flat section longitudinally on the roof.  

It isn't easy to pick from ground height, but stands out from an overbridge.  I understand that a few others have received the same treatment during July.

It would be an easy alteration for ultra-modern modellers who run an SCT box train or an Aurizon east coast superfreighter.


22 July 2016

ADFU Camo Containers

These were a surprise on a Sydney bound freighter passing through Coffs Harbour at the end of June.  You can't see the wagons due to the bridge girder.  

These are Australian Defense Force containers coded ADFU and are a unique size as three across the front equal a 20ft slot, which mean they must be about 2m (or 6ft6) across the front.  The length is likely to be the standard container width of 8ft, and they look to be about 8ft6 in height.  

As you may be able to see, each small container is locked to the one next to it to make a 20ft unit.  As the small containers are individually numbered yet running as a single block, some of the numbers are covered over.  The top photo shows 500038, and the bottom photo shows 500045 and 500037.

My kids thought they were pretty cool as they love camo colours.  A scale model in this livery would be an interesting additional to a train consist on a model layout.


21 July 2016

New Aurizon Woolworths Containers - AEDB

Thanks to MJ for the tip off about some Woolworths marked boxes on BM7 today.  

Despite the sun down, I thought I better see what these boxes were.  

One the train were five Woolworths marked 48ft containers, marked as AEDB, in the 916000 series.  The code is an Aurizon code, so they are obviously marked for the customer.  

From the sighting, it looks like the first group of boxes (maybe 10) are marked for Woolies as they were numbered all as 91600x.  Also sighed were some new Aurizon marked boxes in the same batch, numbered 916016 and 916024 (last photo of this blog).    


19 July 2016

Tilt Train Test - QRT5

Managed to snag a test run of the refurbished tilt train a week or so ago.  This service ran as QRT5 and was photoed at Dakabin in north Brisbane.


17 July 2016

Just Track RTL Western Star

I came across the old Freight Australia RTL Western Star in Muswellbrook on Friday.  It is now owned by Just Track and had two former VZMA ballast hoppers in tow. 

The consist parked at Muswellbrook.

RTL Western Star prime mover.

VZMA 67V.  

OHBA 93R.  This was formerly CHBA, and I suspect the C was misread for an O, and has been incorrectly marked with new decals.

VZMA/NN hoppers have been used by other infrastructure service providers including Coleman Rail as seen here.  


16 July 2016

Orange Side Door - ASDV

Got this interesting pair of containers on BAZY 47825 last weekend, heading north from Brisbane.

These orange ASDV containers are 10ft high and used for specific freight within QLD. These two were ASDV 313012 and 313023.  They are classified as 2PG8.


11 July 2016

Toll Butterboxes - TQCR

Some TQCR coil (butterbox) containers from various PNQ intermodal trains.

Sighted over the last few days have been TQCR 005, 009, 010 and 023.  The matching base and tops seem to stay together unlike the coil containers in the southern states.  

The early ones looked like this with Toll QRX.


07 July 2016

Doin' the Narrow Gauge

A few shots from around Bald Hills a few days ago.  Nice light and some interesting workings.