27 October 2016


Found RT28 living out the back of one of the PN maintenance sidings at Morandoo/Port Waratah.  


22 October 2016


A bit of a patchwork quilt on the Aurizon AEDB container.  For the record, it is 913009-9.


21 October 2016

Qube 1311 Service

A few weeks back an empty 1311 wagon transfer rolled through in nice morning light.

QBX005 leading 1311 at Bargo.

G511 was the trailing unit, seen here at Aylmerton

CQMY 3024

CQYY 3229

CQZY 1681






17 October 2016

John Holland 48s

An unusual train past my place yesterday saw triple 48s on a railset to Goulburn.  The train was 4M98 with 48s33, 48s36 and 48s34.  These three units are owned by SSR.


16 October 2016

MB7 - Aurizon

Some shots of interesting containers as wagons on Aurizon's MB7 last week.

A clean 6026 leading another 6020 on MB7.

Aurizon 48ft AEDB container 916005-1 with Woolworths markings.

QQGY 634 with an unusual pair of half heights. 

Half height ANAREH 03-015 loaded with plastic yellow balls - possibly water markers?

A pair of new Aurizon side doors marked as ASDV 216026-8 and 216015-0.  The last lot of ASDV containers were delivered in Aurizon yellow.

An interest flatrack load.  This K&S flatrack is loaded with two trailers and a generator from Coates in WA.  

The same load again.

A very usual visitor to the east coast is former RMX wagon QQQY 2374-F. 

Air Liquide Compressed Hydrogen (UN1049) container WCGU 000341-6 is an interest tank container.  Coded as a 28T9, this container comprises of 8 individual cylinders and is about 4ft high in total.

Another shot of WCGU 000341-6.  Similar containers also carry helium.


08 October 2016

Aurizon MB7

Dodging the clouds this morning, a late running MB7 had a dirty pair on the front.

LDP001 and 6009 leading 4 x SCT vans and a load of containers.

Cross with the Melbourne bound XPT, led by XP 2010.

The trailing shot of the XPT, with XP 2002.

Aurizon AFDB 413020-4.

Well faded Aurizon box AFED 411247-2

Brand new 40+ Aurizon reefer AFRF 416049-7.

Brand new side door ADSV 216003-6.

CQGY 541 loaded with a pair of NewPort ISO tanks.  

CQBY 0145 with a stack of K&S KHS flatracks.


02 October 2016

Streamliners 2016 - Goulburn & B61

If you are able to get to Goulburn (NSW) tomorrow (Monday 3/10/16) it is well worth attending Streamliners 2016. Today was absolutely awesome today and B61, which was especially painted for the event, looks stunning.

Well done to Bernie Baker and everyone involved in the event.  More photos to come during October.