31 October 2017

SCT and Transformers

An interesting load on MB9 last week.  Hauled by a pair of CSRs, the second wagon was a PQIY loaded with two 40ft flatracks and a load of transformers.  Originating at Wodonga and bound for Brisbane, this load appears every fortnight or so.


30 October 2017

Boyd Munro Train

Unfortunately the cloud gloomed the shots, but it was worth the effort to get a struggling GL111 on the Boyd Munro train at Aylmerton on the weekend.


The Finders Keepers

A cool looking lease box marked with The Finders Keepers

The box is an IRIU 25G1.


22 October 2017

Hong Kong Trams


I have just posted a new 'Page' on Hong Kong trams.  See the pages on the right hand side.  Below are some of the shots posted.  


14 October 2017

CHEY 8089

A CFCLA CHEY (8089) in Goulburn.  These were built for mineral traffic in the western states, but currently many are off hire.  


09 October 2017

Return of the ROCY

You don't see ROCYs around very often these days, having been relegated to the transport of bogie frames between depots.  Only a handful exist, and they don't seem to come out too often.

Here is ROCY 34763 in a well worn SeaTrain blue livery.  


04 October 2017

Redbank Deviation

There is a cracking spot between Tahmoor and Picton called the Redbank Deviation, where a tunnel was closed and a new line built on a slightly new alignment.  

The spot is difficult to get to but on a good day, provides for some excellent photography.  

Here are some of my shots from a couple of weeks back.

2196 stone train.

2196 stone train.



2291 empty stone train heading south.

Trailing shot of a 6-car Endeavour heading to Sydney.

Down Canberra Explorer

Up Canberra Explorer

Down Melbourne XPY

The crossing shot.

The aim of the gain - Quad C class on TM02 loaded coal train for Newcastle.