31 May 2013

MB4 @ Maldon

Having heard a freighter past my place, and needing to head towards Sydney for a meeting, I decided to go for a quick shot at Maldon on the way north.
Down Canberra Explorer.
Double 93 class on MB4.
An RQJW jumbo 80ft wagon.
Am original 5-pack, RQJY, built by AN.
An RRAY built for NRC in the mid 1990s.
A autobox RRYY loaded with reefers.

20 May 2013

A few shots from the Cootamundra area last week.
Graincorp 48200s top and tail a shot grain train at Cunningar.
Graincorp's 48203 in GNC livery.
Empty steel train MW2 heading back to Port Kembla for another load of coils.
RCEF 105 with yellow cradles.
RCEF 1156 wit white cradles.
Battered and worn 833 at Cootamundra loco.
One of about a dozen 81s still not painted in PN colours, 8142 is shunting at Coota Loco.
Formerly housed at Islington, EM80 has turned up at Cootamundra.

07 May 2013

Busy Burradoo

Friday arvo saw a plethora of trains at Burradoo, thanks to the Tahmoor Coalie and it's very slow running.  4 trains in 33 minutes, all in beautiful light.
8231 leading the loaded coalie pas the mostly bare trees at Burradoo.
Right behind was BM4 with a pair of NRs.
The pass was close to on time - maybe a few minutes late into Mossy.
Bringing up the rear was NY3, with an NR/NR/AN combo.

02 May 2013

Highlands Colour

A few shots from Mittagong earlier in the week.
ARTC Hi Rail doing the run between Mossy and Picton. 
A local pass coming into Mittagong Station.
Sprinter service PS7 with NR81 leading.
A flatrack load of two new Chemtrans iso-tanks.
Going the other way was a late running WX2.  Note the different coil sizes on the RCBF.
Around Mittagong Junction was double SSR jumbo on a coal wagon transfer - complete with semaphore signal!