29 March 2013

Track Machine on NY3

An unusual visitor was tagging along the back of NY3 earlier this week. 
The track machine had the madatory 3 braked wagons trailing behind. 
A shot of some power poles loaded into a rebuild RKWY.

27 March 2013


Qube train 1815 has recently consisted of numerous CQJY 60ft wagons.  Last week, a new starter, CQPY 1701 appeared on the service.  This is a 40ft version of the Bluebird built CQJY wagon.  I beleive 40 have been built.

22 March 2013

Diverted Indian 13/3/13

Due to overhead wiring down in the Blue Mountains, the IP was diverted via the south. 
Here are a few shots at Aylmerton and Bargo.


17 March 2013

PW4 Steelink Service

A few photos of PW4 from 6 March 2013 at Aylmerton
A classic Australian bogie - The 'excahangeable' A3 Ride Control.  The side frame has a casting mark of 1966, and the bogie is currently coded RGXD - it was probably a former SAR bogie.
Repainted in blue, NQFF 21585 is fitted with three jumbo coil containers.
Still in Freightcorp blue, NQFF 21575 is also fitted with three jumbo coil containers. 
RCEF 1148 is fitted with two coil cradles.
An ROOX carrying the lgacy of previous work; Whyalla - Loonganna Traffic Only.
The RQIWs are back with a vengence.  RQIW 60287, plus the majority of the fleet, are now fitted with jumbo coul containers.
RQTY 690, fitted the same as the NQFFs.
VQOF 201, looking worse for wear after it's recent modification from a ROBX.
VQOF 1157 with a freshly painted side sill.

14 March 2013


A few wagon and container shots from BM7 the other day.
New Aurizion side door container - ASDV 211320.
And older green QR National side door container - QLST 307446.
CQGY 509 loaded with a Rail Containers box - AEED 912340.
Still going strong, QQGY 638 loaded with two CRT containers.

13 March 2013

Getting a push-a-long

Even though the weather was overcast, I thought I better get out and record an uncommon event.
Qube's 1815 service departed Botany with an 830 and 80 class hauling a dead C class.  The 80 failed around Tahmoor, and the 830 couldn't lift the load. 
Luckily, following close behind was another Qube service,1211, which coupled up and pushed 1815 through to Goulburn.

01 March 2013

ABT Wilderness Passenger Fleet

While on holidays in Tassie, I went on the ABT Wilderness Railway (which had just announced it was going to close).  Below are photos of each of the passenger cars (total of 11).
Initially, 8 were built, with another 3 being bult at a later date.   All were purpose built for this tourist operation.
There are three main types of cars - Econony, First, and the Snack Bar.  The First class cars have a verandah at one end.  The Snack Bar is totally unique with serving windows on one side and a fully enclosed opposite side. 
Each car is beautifully crafted internally with local timbers such as sassafras and blackbutt.
All these photos were taken within a 24 hour period, so it will give you an idea of wat was where.
011 - Stored at the Queenstown depot.  Note the white roof and clear blinds.
012 - Operating on the Regatta Point shuttle.
013 - Operating on the Queenstown shuttle.
014 - Stored at the Queenstown depot. Note the clear blinds.
015 - Stored at the Queenstown depot. Note the white roof and clear blinds.
016 - Operating on the Queenstown shuttle.
017 - Stored at the Queenstown depot.
018 - Operating on the Regatta Point shuttle.
019 - Operating on the Regatta Point shuttle.
020 - Operating on the Queenstown shuttle.
021 - Operating on the Regatta Point shuttle.  This side has the serving windows, which face the platform at Dubbil Barrel (midway stop over).
021 - The fully enclosed side.