31 March 2012

Incitec Tankers

All 5 Chemtrans/Incitec/Orica tankers are permanently parked at Kooragang Island and were photoed on 06/03/2012.

In order, the photos are VTGX 007, 008, 009, NTHX 3480, 3481 (Entire Fleet).  From the photos, all 5 looks to be of the same origin.

I last saw one of these (VTGX 009) in service on a NRC Steel train in 2001.



30 March 2012

Carrington 23/2

A few wagon shots from Carrington in Feb 2012.

Xstrata PHEH 00623.

AWB WGSY 2060 

RRLX 192 with nsw X type bogies (XLB I think).

RRLX 245 with NSW 2CF type bogies (obviously set as XFA with a diagonal live lever to match with the RRLX wagon).


29 March 2012

CEYs at Lidsdale

A few shots of new CEY locomotives at Lidsdale Siding back in Feb 2012.


28 March 2012

Newcastle 22/2

A few shots from Islington Junction (Newcastle) last month.  CEY 004 and 005 had just joined Unit Train 82 at Broadmeadow for their acceptance testing.

Crossing SSR's UT82 is PN Southern Coal UT61.  Interestingly, QR have UT61 allocated as a Hunter Valley Unit Train number.   

Some NHJF hoppers with the 'B' independent brake markings.  The B markings indicated that he wagon brakes could be activated by the locomotives indepenent brake valve as well as the automatic/train brake valve.  This feature allowed for the front few wagons to have brakes held with the locomotives while the rest of the train could be released - making for a quicker departure from a stationary position (often on a downhill grade).


27 March 2012

Louis Dreyfus Containers

Mountain Industries/Louis Dreyfus are sporting some new flexitop containers.  These containers are also fitted with a large cat flap on one end.  The containers are being hauled by Qube from the North West (NSW).  These shots are taken in Newcastle. 


26 March 2012

More Newcastle Shots

A few more shots from West Basin (Carrington) yesterday. 

CFCLA CQZY 1666 and a BQBY behind.

The line up of CQZY and BQBY. 

RASP ore containers recently delivered from China. 

At Broadmeadow were GM27/44206.


Bendigo Workshops 15/3

Some shots from Bendigo Workshops a few weeks back.

The first of the custom paint jobs on a BQBY - This one is BQBY 2025 and lettered for 'NRL'. The scheme is Signal red chassis with yellow ends and side sills. Yellow bogies of course!
Expect some to come out like the BQBY wagons (See BQBY post)

SSR owned ARD80.    

ELZ ZWAY 5 in for some work.


25 March 2012


Some new BQBY wagons arrived at Newcastle yesterday.  These have come in from China and have a logo with FRL.  A nice little wagon.  These are identical to the 100 CQZY wagons which have also just arrived for CFCLA.



24 March 2012


Managed by Consolidated Rail Leasing, BQCX 2201 and BQCX 2202 are photoed at SSR Bendigo Worksops on 7/2/2012.  These were formerly CFLX 18 and 99 respectively.

They are currently on lease on the broad gauge.