26 June 2016

Tank Containers

A couple of interesting tank containers from last week.

Coregas container CGBU 000001

Omega Chemicals MGXU 000030


20 June 2016

82 on the Cement

Some unusual in the form of 8227 on 2134 cement the other day.

This is normally and 81 class task.


13 June 2016

Cat Power - ECRU

A pair of Cat Rental Power - Energyst - containers came though from Perth the other day,

These are 22U2 containers with an open (vented) top and side door access.  

The pair were ECRU 150383 and 150384.


12 June 2016

SSR Grain Goes South

The SSR export grain train headed south on Friday with C510 leading the BRMs.  The consist was mainly WGBY/SY hoppers plus 9 BGGX/BGGY hoppers.  


03 June 2016

Aurizon at Bargo River Bridge

On the same morning as the Ghan, Aurizon headed north with a triple header on MB7.  The combo was LDP/LDP/6020.

MB7 about to cross over the Bargo River and under Remembrance Drive.

New Aurizon reefer AFRF 416032.

On CQGY 553 is another new Aurizon reefer AFRF 416022. 

Milorm Products container MILU 400001 is a 40+ft container. 

A pair of ORA Orica containers on a 5-pack skel.

Some more Orica ORA containers on a QQAY.  The leading ORA tank is a different design to the majority of the tanks.

QQBY 2059 with a pair of side door containers and another ORA tank.