30 May 2015

US RoadRailers

I've always loved Trailerails when they operated in Australia, and it was a highlight to see a Roadrailer service while I was in Pennsylvania earlier this year.  There are rumours that Roadrailers will cease in the near future, so I was thrilled to get this daylight service heading east at Lilly PA.

This service had 148 trailers in the consist!

The shots are a selection of the various types of trailers and logos in regularly service with NS/Triple Crown.  


28 May 2015

A Highlands Morning

A few trains around Bargo this morning.

NR108/NR93/AN9 on a late running MB4 service.

New Toll shipper reefer TSHR 1528.

Second hand Linfox ventilated side door container VSDU 910205.

A regular container ARCH 000000 on high deck wagon RQKY 2770.

Auto box MB008 with a painted out Toll logo.

A toll reefer TOLL 4CB431.

Empty jumbo RQJW 21985.

A local pass passed through Bargo.

Following the pass is PS7 freighter with NR76/NR41.

Toll well wagon set RRXY with CPSU 480001 sitting across the well on the bridge.

An old favourite, Toll Metro box SPD 609.

A curtain sider with end doors, PNXE 4570.

Crossing PS7 near Tahmoor, I got into position for the shot of Qube's 1311 at Yanderra,

While normally loaded with all 40ft containers for paper product, Direct Logistics container DLGU 2410257 is a rare visitor onto this train.


23 May 2015


Unfortunately the weather was kind, but you have to make an effort when bulldogs are leading.  

In this case, Espee empty scrap steel service 1271 was returning back to Canberra.  

Approaching the Hume Highway at Yanderra.

Roaring through Yerrinbool station. 


17 May 2015

Loading at Charbon

A quick shot from Friday afternoon at Charbon Colliery as SSR's CB02 service loads a 50 wagon train bound for NCIG Newcastle.

The train was operating in distributed power mode, with two locos on the front and one on the rear.


13 May 2015

Some more from NZ

A few shots from around Dunedin back in April.

Local shunter DSG 3251 moving some container wagons into the yard.

DC 4438 and 4421 preparing their train to the local port area.

A flexi-top Intermodal Solutions container ISFU 280026.

7.6m long curtain sided container on a Chinese built IH 7545 wagon.

DJ3107 arriving at Dunedin on the morning Taieri Gorge tourist train.

DJ3228 with the afternoon Taieri Gorge tourist train passing through Green Island Siding.

Container FLZU 300151, also known as TSL 235.

Power car AG159

Passenger car 'P' on the Taieri Gorge train.