19 December 2011

GWA 005 on NY3 - 16/12/2011

Despite the continuing rubbish weather in the Highlands, I heasded out for a shot of GWA005 on delivery transfer to SA. 

GWA005 as fourth unit on NY3, nose to nose with NR109. 

A shabby NR64 with a star panel on the rear baffle. 

A rebuilt RKWY - possibly from the Spencer Junction prang a few years back.


Carrington 13/12/2011

A few shots from Carrington last week.

4-pack of Chinese built NHDH coal hoppers.   

Refurbished NHVF.  The old SRA bogie colour doesn't do it justice (nor do the tags!). 

Some overhead shots of the Qube SQDY wagons (In the shade of the XGAYs). 

A rake of former ATN XGAYS back in grain service with PN.  Now just over 10 years old, these hoppers have always had a nice shape to them.


12 December 2011

Qube 1101

While it isn't a wagon, it's shiny and new, so I got a few photos last week at Broadmeadow. 

The 1100 class was built by NREC is the US.


08 December 2011

5NY3 - 1st December

A few Blogs coming up over the next couple of days. 

NR94 leads NR57 on 5NY3 through Aylmerton on 01/12/2011.  I don't think the sun has been out since!!  Note the inline fuel hose support loop on the nose, above the ditch light.    

RailCorp's two NDZFs (40051 and 40052) were heading back to Bluebird Workshops SA for twistlock outriggers to be added.  These wagons normally carry track panels.  

There was a notable amount of small coils on the train.  Half were loaded into RCSFs, and the others were loaded into normal jumbo coil wagons as can be seen below.  Above is RCSF 79 in an early NRC livery.

RCSF 89 still in V/Line! 

RCKF 51 with all three cradles loaded - it is very uncommon to see all three cradles loaded!

RCQF 20872 with the smallest coils I have ever seen loaded into this type of wagon.   

 Pipe wagon RKTF 3025.  Note the additional doors in the middle of the wagon - whch was a retro fit latger in life. 

 New wheels from Maintrain or Comsteel loaded on RZXY 2181.  The new wheels are painted in a special heat indicating paint (glossy grey) so that overheated wheels can be easily identified.

Not the best of photos, but something I haven't noted before - The bogie on the right (RKKY) is fitted with steering arms which is evident from the brackets to the left and right of the spring nest.  This is a retro fit to older type bogies.


01 December 2011

RailCorp Wagons - Chullora

Being the 1st of December, I didn't want this month to turn out like November - a total of 2 posts!!  November has been very busy for me but alas not much photography, partly due to the high sun during the middle of the day. 

I was in Chullora for work a few weeks back and grabbed these shots.

LVR 4701 - keep an eye on this unit - it is about to be repainted!! 

A favourite scheme - LVR 4702. 

 Former side dump wagon, NACF 1470 with welded shut sides.
An orange NDMX - these were all formerly blue. 

NQAF 2703 - this was a former NLJF van stored at Goulburn.   

 Plough NZBF 1036.

 Plough NZBF 1040.
A former NDRF railset wagon, being prepared to join the Robel train.



21 November 2011

Denni Rice Train

Unfortauntely it has been a very slow Blogging month for me.  Work and travel have taken priority with extenisve travel in NSW and Victoria.  My last blog was in Muswellbrook and this one is from Elmore (north of Bendigo) last Friday morning.   

A very nice VR lash up heading north to Denni. 




10 November 2011

Muswellbrook Happenings

Some photos from Muswellbrook earlier this week. 

A Whitehaven train with all three WHs.

A QRN job led by 5033. 

A CH parked in an unconnected siding at Muswellbrook station. 

The original Bradken 120t coal hopper - non ECP brake. 

Brand new Xstrata PHEH 4-packs stored at Muswellbrook.  These are the most recent built Bradken 120t type coal hopper - full ECP braking. 

Xstrata have taken delivery of some 2-packs also - coded PHWH.  Note that they are the same design as the Whitehaven 2-packs. 

An original PHWH on the WHitehaven train. 

QR QHBH - this one was built by QR RACS - note the colour and height of the logo. 

QR QHBH - this one was built by UGL Taree - note the colour and height of the logo. 


31 October 2011

QR Goonyella System Photos

A few photos from 16/10/2011 on the Goonyella System.  The first three are at Ballook, the 'cloudy' shot is at Jilalan, and the last two are near Coppabella.  Enjoy!