27 February 2017


New SCT PBSY wagons have started to appear on the east coast MB9/BM9 services.  Around 30 have been built by CSR/CRRC Meishan in China.

PBSY 0002 at Aylmerton

PBSY 0002 at Bargo River

PBSY 0002 at Maldon

PBSY 0005 at Bowral

PBSY 0005 at Tahmoor.


25 February 2017

NY3 at Bargo

NY3 at Bargo a few weeks ago.

Double NRs on NY3 at Bargo, after passing though the town.

An NQFF or NCJF with DMJU jumbo coil containers.

RCQF 20807 with some very old style cradles (note the timber)

RCSF 29 with small coils.  The rust colour is almost yellow.

RCSF 88 with a great variety of coil sizes.

Below is a variety of slab steel wagons
RKBY 20416



RKGF 20259

RKHF 20876

The underside of plate tilt-bed RKVY 7270.

Rail-pair RKRF 1632

Another rail-pair RKRF 1834


BM7 Loading

Some wagons and containers from BM7 which had some loco and SCT van shots on this Blog a few weeks back.

CFSU 000121-0

FAMU and CFSU balance out on CFCLA's CQMY 3012.

A loosely tarped K&S load.

Knopps Removals and Storage LVNU 780714-0

Hillebrand HGLU 209242-1 ISO tank on QQBY 2106.

A pair of CRT boxes on QQGY 644.

QQLY 1011.

QQLY 1011 a few kms down the track.

Former Seaco ISO tank, now SCF Tank Containers SCFU 875670-0


24 February 2017


Chemtrans have an eclectic selection of ISO tanks.  They carry the CTC code.  Here are some from January.

CTC 920754-6

CTC 123753-7

CTC 125757-7

CTC 125757-7 from above.

CTC 125759-3


23 February 2017

coregas PCAU

This was a good score on MB7.  It is a Coregas ISO tank ST36, PCAU 613136-6.  It is carrying refigerated liquid Argon (UN 1951).  An interesting (and clean) looking ISO tank.


22 February 2017

MB4 at Bowral

Following MB7 was MB4 with NR/AN/NR combo.

CDDU 920054-6 marked as Caloundra Removals & Storage.

The centre well of an RQLY with a Ches CMT box and a Grace GRRU box.

A plain CMPU 020042 box.

Marked as NYK Logistics, this is a Sadleirs box, RCS 4098.

Articulated 5-pack RQLY 1006

Stolt ISO tank UTCU 466319-9.

Patrick curtain sider SPD 26.

Caru leasing box SLZU 750192-0 with the simplified logo text.

In the next number batch is Caru box SLZU 760024-4.

The down Canberra Explorer.


21 February 2017

MB7 Loading

LDP001, leading CF4402 and LDP002 on MB7 coming through Bowral on a sunny Saturday morning.

Bulkhaul ISO tank BLKU 253575-0

BRSK 800023-4

A pair of aluminium CRT boxes on CFCLA's CQGY 565.

Orica tanks ORA 453 and 455 sandwich a MCTU McColls Transport ISO tank on QQAY 47821. 

A new Royal Wolf Aurizon side door container, RWTU 932673-4.

An SCF side door container with vertical door bars, SCFU 314055-9.

40ft side door SCFU 612025-8.

A Toll Shipping side door TSSD 307075-0 (a former SCF box) and a FRAGILE box RAVU 740765-8.

A nice blue highlight on a K&S KHS flat rack.  The white pakcages are Wesbeam timer, and the blue package is e-bearer+joist.  Most of these loads are all white Wesbeam packages.  Also note how the load extends over one end by a few feet,