26 July 2015

Steaming Pig 3642

A couple of shots of 3642 running through the Southern Highlands earlier this month (4/7/15)

Approaching Yanderra, just south of Bargo.

Departing Bowral, about the enter the Gib Tunnel.


24 July 2015

Arctic Store

Continuing the winter theme!  Here is a Titan Arctic Store 20ft 22R8 container.

Sorry about the iPhone quality - it was all I had!


17 July 2015

Snow in Mittagong and Bowral

Some photos today taken at Bowral and Mittagong after an overnight localised snow dump. 

Down XPT heading away from Bowral station.

Up Canberra Xplorer apoaching Bowral station. 

Behind the Xplorer was MB4 with NR/DL/NR combo.

At Mittagong, NR17 leading Boral Peppertree stone train 2196 to Sydney.

Up pass approaching Mittagong

Another morning Up passenger service.

A 93 leading rear end double 82s on an empty Tahmoor coalie at Mittagong.

TT126 on an empty Broal stone train 2291 heading back to Marulan.

PS6 with the amazing combination on NR/AN/NR/NR/82 at Mittagong as the snow starts to melt.

Last train of the morning was a loaded Tahmoor coalie with double 93s push-pull.


13 July 2015

A sign of things to come?

Normal LDP operations are slowly being taken over by 6020 class.  

Here double 6020 class approach Mittagong on the weekend prior to the big freeze!


10 July 2015

Busy Burradoo (2015)

A few shots from last week at Burradoo in the Southern Highlands.  The best afternoons out are when the Tahmoor coalie blocks everything and you have a run of about 4 or 5 trains in half an hour.  

Here is the link to the same procession back in May 2013!  Thing have changed just a little bit. 

Double 92s on the loaded Tahmoor coalie.

Double NRs on NY3.  I'll post the wagon shots in a future post.

Local pass stuck in the congestion.

Bringing up the rear was BM4 with double NRs also.

An RRYY loaded with Toll Cartainers.

A new Toll Shipping 40ft+ reefer.

An SCFU reefer with the 'new old' markings.


06 July 2015

45G1 Shipping Containers

There have been some interesting 40ft boxes on Qube's 1311 lately.  Here are few of my favourites.

1311 with triple CMs.

I have only seen on of these boxes before on a truck so it was nice to get one of rail.  SeaGo is a Mearsk company so it makes sense that it was loaded between Maersk and Safmarine (another Maersk company) containers.  

I had to do a bit of research on the MCC box, but it is a Maersk company also.  I have never seen one of these before.  I believe both the SeaGo and MCC had MIEU codes.

I'm seeing more and more TS Lines containers, and interestingly they are one of the few shipping lines that are putting their logo on leased containers.  This one is a Dong Fang leased container.

Another leased container.  This one is from TEX.

This is an owned TS Lines container and has the code TSLU.


05 July 2015

Salt Containers of MB7

Saturday's MB7 had some interesting loading and painfully blocked my shot of 3642 running to Moss Vale!!

LDP003 leading another LDP past Aylmerton.

Formerly AFRF 413026, this has now been remarked AFRF W 13026 with green painted corners.  The W may be for Woolworths but that's just a guess.  Here is a shot of this box a few months back

Sodium cyanide tanks loaded into the centre well on a QQLY.

A pair of ARG salt COC containers loaded onto CQGY 509.  The CQGY is due foe dehire this month.

COC and COM salt containers loaded onto QQGY 689.

The shot that wasn't meant to be!


04 July 2015

Crane Across Australia

Bit of crane started turning up on PS6 on Wednesday, with the majority of pieces coming through to Sydney today.

Each photo shows a little something different.  Concrete weights, a generator, the cabin - looks to be a complete crane coming over from Perth.  

This would definitely make an interesting model loaded onto K&S flat racks.


02 July 2015

PN Locos

A few PN loco shots from the weekend.

Double NRs on 7SP5 approaching Mittagong

8103 on 2134 cement to Clyde.

Portrait of 8103 with unique cab-side numbers.

8152 at Aylmerton is very late afternoon light.

Tripe NRs on PS6.

Portrait of NR80.