26 March 2017

Car Carrier?

An awesome looking load on QQMY 22021 earlier this week.  The cars are on a pair of SLZU Caru flat racks.  


25 March 2017

SCT Photos

Some SCT photos from the last few weeks.  Of interest is that containers are starting to make their way on BM9/MB9 services on flat wagons, 5-pack skels and well wagons!

MB9 at Bargo River.

MB9 at Bowral.

MB9 at Tahmoor

MB9 at Aylmerton.

Double well wagons on the back of MB9.

Bradken built PWWY 0037 with 48ft reefer SCTR 323.

Meishan (CSR) built PWXY 0005 with reefer SCTR 348.


24 March 2017

Reefers - Eskimo Kiss

Not much room between a pair of TOLL reefers on RQJY 5-packs.  

Reefer units are allowed to hand over the end deck by a specific distance.


Camo Containers

A pair of RWLU camouflage containers.  Not sure if these are ADF boxes.


23 March 2017

BM4 with an 82 Leading

Not something you get on the main south everyday!  8220 leading double NRs onm a BM4 service on 22/2.

8220 leading NR18 and a sister NR at Yerrinbool.

The same train at Aylmerton.  

A mix of Royal Wolf side door containers were on the train.  RWTU 610377-9 on NQOY 14985.

RWTU 610527-8 on RQCY 957.

RWTU 610411-6 on RQCY 470.

Double Toll curtain siders on RQJW 21974. The containers are a 3NW and ST type.

Another double with an NW and NXL type curtain siders.

Some cool loading on RQJW 60036.  A 48ft PVDU container shares the deck with a 21+ TSDR reefer.

Nearly 10 years old, SCF reefer SCFU 807041-2 has the new logo applied.


22 March 2017

PN Unit 55 - 82 class on coal

A quad set of 82 class on Unit train 55 parked in Lithgow Up Yard.


21 March 2017

Aurizon BM7

BM7 at Bargo on 22/2/17.  

A very clean LDP002 leading 6009 on BM7.

LDP002 in QR National livery.

A pair of ABLK containers on a CQBY.  The Caru box is ABLK 5603.

A former FUKU container, now marked for Aurizon as ATED 380989-7.  These are owned by Tradecorp and leased to Aurizon.  

A load of Orrcon Steel on a K&S KHS flatrack.

An interesting load on a K&S KT flatrack.

A K&S KTLU 401409 curtain sider,

An unusual visitor on the east coast is NTFS 40ft container 781.  

A favourite of mine, Rand Big Freeze reefer RBFU 466001-7.

Royal Wolf RVTU 941367-3.  Auscision are doing models of these containers.

An unusual pair of RWOR Royal Wolf containers.


20 March 2017


A record shot of S312 currently stored at Lithgow.  


19 March 2017

Jumbo Coil Wagons

Some interesting Jumbo Coil wagons from an MW2 service in Feb.

CQKY 1022 leased from CFCLA.

NCFF 21498 with fixed cradles on the end and a DMJU container in the middle.

NCFF 21805 with two fixed cradles and yellow highlights.

NQTY 21910 with two DMJU containers.  


18 March 2017

Qube Railset

Thank goodness it has been some wet and miserable this March, as I am still catching up from a very bright and sunny February.

Here is a Qube hauled ARTC railset job with 44202 and 872 leading through Aylmerton.  The lead wagon is a ballast plough.


16 March 2017

SCT Inline Fuel Tank

A few more photos for the modellers of the SCT east coast inline fuel tanker set-up.

The tanker is CXTU 116200 and is on a PQKY wagon.


15 March 2017

GL111 - Freightliner patch job

Scored double GLs on a port bound container job in mid-Feb.  GL111 was formerly in Freightliner livery and has been patched back into CF style livery.


13 March 2017

Tolls Shipping Side Door

Formerly an SCFU marked box, this side door is now TSSS 312206-7.


11 March 2017

Steel Wagons

A few different wagons and mods on NY3 from Feb.

RQFY 63 with a pair of half heights in the middle slot.  

RQRY 1105 with a lightly loaded RIC frame.

ROKX 2917 with a new side panel.

RKFX 51 with two new side panels.