24 February 2011

More Locos

I must be feeling ill - I'm posting more loco photos.

Here is an SSR coal train at Enfield returning to Newstan after unloading at Inner Harbour a few weeks back.

Nice to see a few new liveries on the C class. Another great looking loco!


23 February 2011

Port Kembla Photos

A few more wagon shots from around Port Kembla.

RKCF 5 aerial photo.

PQAY 2003 (I think the last of the PQAY wagons left in service). This was carrying two grey RV containers loaded with copper bundles. The RV containers have a flat base where as the RH containers have cradles for coil.

Some loaded tilt beds in the foreground, and a BHP rake of CR wagons with shunters platforms at each end.


22 February 2011

48s at Port Kembla

Both 48162 and 48206 were at Port Kembla last week.


21 February 2011

RHDFs Making a Come Back?

Down near Port Kembla station is a rake of old BLXA hopper wagons, which were coded RHDF about 10 years ago. These have been stored for a long time, and whispers indicate that they may be forming a new coal rake for PN.

They have lifted up one end of each hopper and have them resting on jumbo coil cradles.


20 February 2011


A late running BW4 a few weeks backs, and a small parting from the clouds, allowed me to grab these quick steel train photos.

An RQRY with a CS container for coiled steel rod. All RQRY wagons are now allocated to steel traffic and are either fitted with the CS containers or the RIC (rod in coil) container frames.

An RCJY with a loaded scrap bin - with some railway wheels as part of the load!

An RCAF with a similar scrap load.


Unloading Slag - Port Kembla

In what could be a real simple operation to model, the rollingstock is very interesting.

Slag is sent to Port Kembla in open wagons, and is lifted from the wagon using an excavator with a magnetic attachement (very similar to the one show in Model Railroader Feb 2011). Once removed and placed on the ground, it is then troucked around the corner to be melted for re-use.

The wagons used are normally RCDX, RKCX, ROSX, VOFX, and lately some ore ROQFs have been sighted (a good use for the Austrains models).

Here are a few photos from 14/2/2011.

RCDX 32 with AN logo and a NSW XG type bogie on one end.

RCDX 64 with a NSW XLB bogie on the B end.

4 ROQF wagons were on the train and loaded with slag.

VOFX 1126 being unloaded.

Going back for more....VOFX 1126 and VOFX 1062 to the right.

19 February 2011

RRLX Bogie Variations

A few photos of RRLX wagons at Newcastle on 4/2/2011 with interesting bogie combinations.

RRLX 1049 with the standard AGXD/RGXD type 50t ride control bogies.

RRLX 324 with an XG type bogie on the left and an XLB on the right.

RRLX 1072 fitted with NSW XFA type bogies.

09 February 2011

Various Newcastle Photos

Some shots from around Newcastle last week.

AWB owned WGBY at Carrington about to depart for northern NSW

VTQY 638, still in Morandoo for some reason.

An 8-pack of NHQH coal hoppers with very distinct testing(?) marks.

Inside an NHBH -prefect for the Auscision Models!

44206/44204/G514 at West Basin, preparing to depart with 4 x CHBY hoppers from the PRE sidings, and 12 PHTH hoppers.

Late afternoon at Thornton sees QR Unit Train 63 pass with 5007/5021

Maybe a rare photo with ever increasing competiton in the Hunter. PN's 8217 is coupled to a brand new QHBH for weighbridge testing for ARTC.

South Spur Ore

Managed a shot at Sandgate last week of 8446? South Spur ore to Port Waratah.


A very ratty looking 602

SQGF 383 with two refurbished containers

SQGF 420 with a Heggies and original CSA container.