30 March 2010

VHGF Type Hoppers in NSW

A question was asked about yellow VHGF type hoppers running in NSW. Well, here are some photos. Mind you, not all are yellow, but there was also some confusion about the suffix in the code and the ability for them to run in NSW. The top photo was taken in 11/2003, and the bottom three were taken in 01/2003. All were when Freight Australia started running grain in NSW. All photos are at Rozelle (now closed).

VHGF 526, most likely set up as a VHAF with grade control, but not yet restencilled. If the wagon was marked correctly it would be a VHAX to denote that is was suitable for bogie exchange.

VHHF 805 with SG bogies. Again, this should be a VHHX code.

Yellow VHGY (in the 200 series I beleive) with 70t SG bogies. In the V/Line days, the Y would denote high speed 50t bogies, but I believe Freight Australia modified some of these to 70t bogies and made them a Y wagon for the SG. As no 70t BG bogies exist, this wagon would have always operated on the SG once the 70t bogies were fitted. The wagon is now stored out near Ararat in Victoria after being stored in Portland for many years. It is probably now green or blue.

A partial repaint of VHGY 218. This view clearly shows the 70t bogies. No doubt an Ausicison hopper could be modified with 70t bogies from Exactrail to match this prototype photo.


24 March 2010

Blast from the Past - PQWY

Nothing much to report today, so I dug up an old photo taken at Bluebird Adelaide in March 2006. The photo shows PQWY 0053, at the time, one of three well wagons owned by CIMC (0051-0053) and leased to various operators.

The wells came into Australia in 2001 from QRRS China, and were owned by Macfield. These then passed into the ownership of CIMC Australia.

When this photo was taken, all three wagons had just been through the workshops for repaint into this sky blue livery. Previously they were a dark blue with Macfield logos and were leased by ASR, regularly running on the Adelaide to Sydney service.

It is believed that all 3 are now owned by QR, and have been recoded QQWY, with at least 0052 being painted all light grey. The wagons had previously been on lease to QR since 2006.


23 March 2010

Goulburn Tuesday

As I was leaving Goulburn yard, I was stopped at the level crossing with NY3 passing. It slowed right down for a possible crew change, so a quick dart around the back way to Mundy St bridge for a few wagon shots.

An RQIY with steel rod loading onto a pair of stacked flat rack containers.

RKRF 3262 headed back to Whyalla for more 27m lengths of rail. This paired railset had problem delivered rail to Acacia Ridge where it is transloaded onto QR narrow gauge wagons.


22 March 2010

Monday's Steelink Photos

Managed to get XW4 and NP3 today in sun - a bit of a miracle with the clouds that were around. In no particular order are some of the shots from today.

On NP3, RKWY 12 loaded with small steel pipes. This wagon was recoded from the AOOX/GOX number series when it was converted for steel traffic by AN.

An unidentified RKYY tilt bed wagon with sheet steel for Forrestfield. These were refurbished and repainted in full PN colours over the last couple of years.

On XW4, VOFX 426 in Freight Australia green. I haven't seen this wagon before on Steelink services, so can only assume it is fresh from the BG. Note it has a black backed PN logo, unlike ROBX 1073 with a white backed PN logo.

An RKCX with quite an orange tarp. Most are 2/3rds grey, but lately the PN tarps have been a real mixed bag. I haven't seen one with so much orange on it.

RRKY 2712 with scrap containers loaded for Port Kembla. Observant viewers will note the Aligned bogies which are original to this wagon. Not many aligned bogies remain operating on the East Coast.


20 March 2010

Another Sunny Day

Managed to get a couple of trains today; PW4, PS6, and QR's 2152.

Nothing overly interesting on PS6, but PW4 had some unusual wagons and containers.

RQCX 712. Certainly a relic with the old corner brackets fitted to the deck, and not being fitted with side bearers for high speed running. This is a true Steelink container wagon. Interestingly also is the grey coil container between two orange coil containers. The style of loading on this train was certainly unusual.

An RQTY with no number on the side. Another strange load with a coil container in the middle of two of the newer grey scrap containers. These grey scrap containers normally run north from Port Kembla to Brisbane and back, being placed on RCBF and RCFF jumbo coil wagons. They are pretty uncommon on the south.

One of PN's newest intermodal wagons, RQRY 1133 with a pair of scrap containers. Again, another rare find with a new HMS grey container in the mix of yellow BHP and orange Genstar containers.

We saw worn wheels going yesterday, and here are some new wheels coming. RZXY 2386 with a full load of wheels. Most look like 18R axle boxes, which are used in 2 piece YMC bogies. These wheels could have come from EDI Newport, EDI Port Augusta or Gemco in Perth.

A nice grab after lunch. QR's 2152 with X53 and X54 leading an empty rake of 18 x CFCLA CQMY wagons. The wagons were picked up from Goulburn Yard and will be entering the QR intermodal fleet on the east coast.

19 March 2010

Action Packed Friday

NR16 With the sun out, I managed to get some shots of PS6, NY3 and BM4. Normally I don;t post loco photos, but I thought most of you would enjoy NR16 (People Power) on BM4 and the triple Stars on PS6. Sorry about the quantity of photos on this post, but I think most are topical.

First for the day - PS6
NR55/NR59/NR39 lead PS6 through Mittagong.
A new Pedemont 20ft container on RRAY 7213.
PRRY 5010 (in FCL colours) carries a load of some sort of sheeting on two 20ft K&S transiflats
RRTY 73V. The RRTY code came about when NRC fitted 'Polar Packs' to various RQTY Seatrain wagons, to enable them to run Reefer containers. Interestingly, some RRDY wagons were also fitted with 'Polar Packs' and also became RRTY wagons, even thought they were externally different and ex AN wagons, where as the RQTY wagons were ex VR. Observant viewers will note the 'Polar Pack' missing from under the thirds container. These have all been removed since PN pulled out of the Reefer market, and the gap left has had a chain strung across it.

The only two in the class, ROSX 214 on the right, and ROSX 228 (main photo). These were rebuilt by NRC quite a few years back, presumably to carry scrap steel. They are former ELX open wagons, and have smooth insides and large panelled outsides. Both are unique as 228 has a lower side.Both were originally painted in light NRC grey.
RZXY 2186 with a load of defective wheel from NSW presumably headed for EDI Port Augusta
RQIW 60312 is loaded with Royal Wolf second hand shipping containers. Over the previous few days, about 50 of these containers have been moved on the NY3 service - all on RQIW wagons.

NR16 was the trailing unit on BM4 today. Nice light for a portrait shot.
Possibly the first yellow RQEY, 1929. Most ran on the Garbage train for a few months and were then transferred to Melbourne. Some have made it back to Intermodal, but others seem to be captive on the Patrick Griffith-Melbourne service.
A deck shot of RQHY 7074 - great inspriation for weathering an Auscision model
A DMS glass container, measuring a whopping 3200mm tall. I is being moved in well wagon RRRY 7005 as it is too high to be moved on a standard container flat which is generally has a 1020mm deck height, or greater. 4050mm is the maximum height on the East Coast.


18 March 2010


The first of PN's new NHEH 4-pack coal hoppers was poking out of the shed today at Braemar.
The NHEH is the same as the PHYH which is owned by Xstrata Coal. Both the NHEH and PHYH have the same body shape as the original NHYH hoppers, although the NHYH does not have ECP braking equipment.

NHEH 94012 (platform 2 of set 401). Fitted with air brake gear and PN stickers.

The connection betwwen platform 1 and 2. The ECP gear can be seen on the top right of the photo.

The first NHEH built - 94011.

The first two 4-packs are due to go out for testing in April. The build is roughly 300 hoppers, with most being built in China, similar to the PHYH build.


Goulburn Yard

A few photos from Goulburn Yard.

SQKF 60264X. One of the few left in Silverton yellow. Most are now grey/silver. The green ore containers are overhauled North Parkes containers.

SQGF 383D with two original orange ore containers.

Former Golden Fleece tanker NTAF 4535. Now a long term resident of Goulburn Yard (5 Road).

Forgotten NGHF 40778. This former grain hopper has no lid, and was being prepared for coal service a few years back at Goulburn Workshops. Nothing ever happened, and it has been stored in the yard (with no handbrake from memory) for few years now.


17 March 2010

NP3 Steelink Wagons

Some wagons on NP3 on Monday afternoon

ROBX 1073J. Note the new PN stencils on the logo panel.

14 RCWF wagons were on the rear of he train, bound for Broken Hill. Here are RCWF 85032 and RCWF 85094. Of interest, NCWF 85024 and 85078 were also in the empty rake. NCWF 85037 was at the front of the train and loaded.

Another V/Line RCSF, number 16, loaded with 5 small coils ex Port Kembla.


15 March 2010

Today's Action

Some of today's action at Mittagong. PS7 and XW4

ROKX 2917 still in original paint. Obviously no longer a proper ROKX with the end doors and centre panels now removed.

Some unique 24ft containers, specifically designed for PN 5-packs.

RCSF 69 still in Vline livery.

RLSY 18668P in PN repaint with some graffiti in a rather unusual location.


13 March 2010

7SP5 - PN Yellow Repaints

Took a quick trip down the road to see 7SP5 this afternoon. Surprisingly the sun came out briefly while it passed.

I have posted a few of the repainted Intermodal wagons in the consist. PN are gradually repainting all the side sills yellow on the Intermodal and Steelink wagon fleets.

NQSY 34359S. Alson on the train was an NQOY (not repainted)

BOC Gases container ISO 45

Wagons for Metro

Some CFCLA wagons of interest.

A freshly repainted CQOY wagon (one of only three left in the CFCLA fleet) sits at SSR's Bendigo workshops, fitted with two newly constructed spoil container bins. All three CQOY wagons are on Broad Gauge.

Ballast hopper CHOY 6021 waits for modifications such as lighting and overhead protection. 60 of these VHMF vintage ballst hoppers still remain in service today (albeit looking very different), with 15 on Narrow Gauge, 15 on Standard Gauge, and two rakes of 15 on the Broad Gauge.


12 March 2010

Ettamogah Rail Hub

Travelling home, I stopped at Ettamogah (on the Hume Highway) for a few quick photos. Coupled to CS1 and CS2, were around 5 VQCY/VQTY container wagons

VQTY 542. Note it is fitted with 70t Ride Control bogies. The VQCY next to it is fitted with the original VXC (VXSC) 50t Ride Control bogies.

VQCY 692 with 50t bogies and still in the VR red paint scheme. Most were painted into Freight Australia green, and subsequently yellow.


11 March 2010

Bendigo Workshops

A few photos from the SSR Bendigo Workshops 11/03/2010.



VHGF 393T still in pristine ABB livery.