30 October 2010

Vline Photos

A few shots from La Trobe St Bridge on 27/10/2010 in the late afternoon.

Power car PCJ492 is shunted onto a N set.

Idle bggage car and power cars. Note PH454 in new Vline grey.

BIH186 with a well worn roof.

BCZ259 with a well faded roof.

ACN54 with recently overhauled bogies.

Repainted BZN271 appraoching Southern Cross Station.

29 October 2010


Former Golsworthy ore cars are now being pished through BRO for overhaul prior to starting a new ore contract. Below is 8086 ready for the paint shop, and painted CHCH 7610. The number starts at 7601.


SA Container Wagons

A few wagon and container photos from SA.

One platform of RRXY 10 - painted in Toll colours.

RRKY 2050 loaded with two new Mack trucks.

Still coded for NSW, these two NQOYs were both on the same train - NQOY 14960 in yellow.

NQOY 14994.

A former BOXCAR 53ft container, which had been painted white for Mayne Logistics and tehn rebranded for Linfox is starting to show it's 'true colours'.

25 October 2010

A New Wagon

For more details and photos be sure to purchase ARI Magazine Issue 5 - available next month.

SA Locos

Not my cup of tea, but I'm happy to take a shot of a loco everynow and then.

Late arriving MP1

NR74/AN4 departing AFT on AM5

AN11 - Still in full AN colours (not for long!)

Qube RL309

Qube 44202


23 October 2010

Adelaide Part 1

Part 1 of however many I need to put up the more interesting shots from SA this week.

Part 1 will be a focus on vans/boxcars.

PBGY 0150 on the rear of a PM9 SCT service departing Islington.

A freshly painted Sadleirs van sitting outside the BRO paintshop (formerly ASP).

A rare view inside a KLY type lourve van.



Just happened to fluke a few shots of the Overland departing Melbourne on 14/10.

Also seen on the day, VBBX 54U, used as a shed inside the BG loop at Dynon.

18 October 2010

A Melbourne Quickie

A Couple of Metro photos, before I head off to Adelaide this afternoon.

Quad T class!

B76. The M logo is going to be repositioned into the blue square where the CF logo was.

The only CFSX in existance. CFSX 125 - the Genset wagon for the Ballast Train lighting

Metro stickers ahve even been applied to the railset and spoil set.


15 October 2010

IBM Data Centre

Just a quick post tonight (it's getting late).

Here is an IBM Mobile Data Centre container seen on PS6 on 6/10/10 at Goulburn. The container is CPIU 560206.


12 October 2010


A mixture of shots of SP5 and PS6 o 18/9/2010 at Bundanoon.

PS6 lead by the last of the original 'coloured' NRs - NR58 in Steelink Livery.

A ratty looking NR58.

K&S Freighters load of timber.

Former brown FCL 30t container now privately owned and painted white.

A load of pipes.

7SP5 led by NR81.

NQOY 14925.

RQFY 36 with a tarped Simon load.

An RRYY with 5 Toll Cartainers.
Off to Melbourne tomorrow.

11 October 2010

Limestone Photos

Some limestone train photos from around Bundanoon a few weeks back.

The wagons are various shots from the NPZH, NPIH, and NPJH classes.



09 October 2010


A few more from 15/9/2010 at Mittagong

Local pass 2814, ahead of XW4.

AN7 still in full AN livery.

A good comparison of butterbox colours - RKLY 20590

The first NGGF I have seen with the yellow stripe - NGGF 35709

A rare visitor these days - NCOF 20813R?

Still in Vline livery, RCSF 16.

RKHF 20876 loaded with reo bar.

RKWY 3015.

A quality stuff up by the maintainers - RXNX 204 (Should be RKNX).