31 March 2018

SCT Containers

A few SCT containers from earlier in the week including a new one.

New/Repaint 48ft general container SCTNDC001.  This could be an Aurizon repaint, but would be from the 913 series and not the 916 series containers.  Anyone want to have a guess on the meaning behind the NDC code?    The numbering doesn't even comply with existing 48ft containers in the fleet.

An older SCTDS 48ft general box, number 4840.

An SCT PQQY loaded with a pair of side doors and a set of 4 SCTDS containers.  These SCTDS containers are not all that common on the east coast, and especially not in a block like this.

SCF 316 series side door containers are appearing more regularly on the east cost, with 2 to 4 appearing on most trains.

Prototype 'Big Freeze' reefer from Intermodal Solutions is looking a bit worse for wear with the logo and lettering fading badly.  This box is BFPU 466001-9 and here it is 6 years ago when I first saw it.


20 March 2018

TS Lines 22G1

A bit of a mix of TS Lines leased 20ft shipping boxes on MB4 the other day.  

All three are leased boxes.


16 March 2018

Sadleirs Containers

A couple of different Sadleirs containers from the other day.  Best known for their green painted vans, there are a few different 20ft containers getting around.

RCS 3419 is a standard 25G1 container.

RCS 2122 is a side door container supplied by Intermodal Solutions.

RCSU 260013-5 is a standard 22T6 ISO tank.  Probably 26,000 litres.  Some of these have been rebranded with the newer Sadleirs Logistics logo.


15 March 2018

Noosa Van Lines

A moving box I haven't seen before.  Here is CDDU 920247-2 marked for Noosa Van Lines.

Other CDDU boxes have been marked for Caloundra Removals & Storage.


11 March 2018

More Lime Green Bore Horizontal

Grabbed this shot at Mittagong on a diverted 1WB3 steel service today.

I haven't seen either of these lime green boxes before and they look very freshly painted.  


07 March 2018

Kitchens on the Run

Snapped these coming up from Melbourne the other week.  They are portable 20ft kitchens managed by Kitchens on the Run.  



01 March 2018

Another coloured NR

NR18 led PS7 this morning through the highlands, which was nice to see after getting NR74 Ghan the other morning.