27 November 2013

Very Short Qube 2112

A rather unusually short Qube 2112 service passed through Aylmerton this morning.
THe consist comprised of 5 x CQZY flats with a single grain container.

16 November 2013

CQQYs into Infrastructure Work

Espee train 2170 ran a transfer last weekend from Goulburn Workshops to Chollora, transferring 6 x CQQY wagons for PN to transfer to Bluebird Workshops in Adelaide.
These wagons have been modified in a similar fashio to the AFKY/AKTY flats that were used on the Alice Springs to Darwin construction trains.  They can carry three sets of sleepers and probably enough rail down each side.
The wagons were all modified in a similar manner, and were in various stages of painting.
C502 on Espee train 2170.
A friendly driver on C502.
Fully painted CQQY 2803.
Unpainted CQQY 2819.
Unpainted CQQY 2820.
Primed CQQY 2815.
Unpainted CQQY 2812.
Painted CQQY 2818.

14 November 2013

Southern Aurora

Grabbed a shot of the Melbourne Cup Southern Aurora coming through Mittagong last week.

12 November 2013

Black Caviar and Others

Some shots from earlier this month, including the transfer test train associated with the load trials of Wabtec loco CM 3301.  CF 4412 Black Caviar led the transfer though Aylmerton.
A few passenger SN and SP services also went past.

10 November 2013

MB4 - Part 4 (Final)

To round out the series on MB4, here is a shot of cartainer MB 012 which was formerly painted in Toll colours.  It is now in the black Prixcar colours.

05 November 2013

MB4 - Part 3 (Plus other reefers)

This installment includes some reefers from MB4, plus a few reefer shots from PS7 yesterday.
Linfox FCAD 910801.
Linfox FTAD 910600.
New RAND 395
Toll box 4CB830.
BTRN 466006
HARR 100002
New PN box PNXR 4875.  The logo is larger than previous deliveries.
SCF Rail Containers SCFU 811007
An older RAND box, 191.
Scott's box SRR 016.

03 November 2013

MB4 - Part 2

A few more wagon shots from MB4 on Saturday 2/11/13
RQHY 7043 with a Total curtain sider and a BULHAUL tanktainer.  I haven't seen a BULKHAUL for quite a few years now.  I suspect this tanker is over 10 years old. 
RQSY 34482 with a pair of tanktainers.
Single well RRIY 0001 with a RAND reefer.  This single is made from a well from an RQZY/RRZY 5-pack well.
In an almost carbon copy, RRIY 0003 with another RAND reefer.  Two of the three on the one train isn't bad.
The end well of 5-pack RRRY 7003, with another RAND container. 
A repaired FCL 48ft dry box.

02 November 2013

MB4 - Part 1

A few local shots of MB4 this morning at Aylmerton.
Ghan NR75 leading a slightly late running MB4.
Cab shot of NR75.
RQEY 1932.  THe Toll Shipping box has had a decent repair recently. 
RQEY 1958 with the more flouro yellow PN repaint, and loaded with an new Toll Shipping box.  Interestingly these still carry the code for Brambles shipping. 
RQFY 130 with a colourful paint out shipping box and a Sadleirs tank.
South Australian built RRGY 7141 with a mix of containers.
 Chinese built RRQY 8339 with a similar mox of containers.
An RRYY loaded with cartainers.  This shot caught my eye due to the wear, tear and fading on the various boxes.  The toll box has patch outs, and the fourth Patrick box is well faded to am almost pink colour.  The logo on the leading box is also pretty shabby.
Stay tuned for more shots on MB4.