16 November 2013

CQQYs into Infrastructure Work

Espee train 2170 ran a transfer last weekend from Goulburn Workshops to Chollora, transferring 6 x CQQY wagons for PN to transfer to Bluebird Workshops in Adelaide.
These wagons have been modified in a similar fashio to the AFKY/AKTY flats that were used on the Alice Springs to Darwin construction trains.  They can carry three sets of sleepers and probably enough rail down each side.
The wagons were all modified in a similar manner, and were in various stages of painting.
C502 on Espee train 2170.
A friendly driver on C502.
Fully painted CQQY 2803.
Unpainted CQQY 2819.
Unpainted CQQY 2820.
Primed CQQY 2815.
Unpainted CQQY 2812.
Painted CQQY 2818.

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