25 January 2018

New SSR Grain Hoppers

Spotted this new SSR BGTY (1401) grain hopper the other day in Newcastle.


19 January 2018

K&S Loads

K&S loading has returned to PN services in 2018.  Here are a few interesting loads so far this year.

The firsttime I have seen an orange wrapped load on a K&S flatrack.

An ADF trailer heading south.

A K&S load on a Caru Lease SLZU flatrack.

Another Caru flatrack with a K&S load.


18 January 2018

Qube Box (QUBU)

Not currently a common sight, but quite possibly becoming more common, this 9'6" Qube QUBU 509646-9 box was headed to Melbourne on PN's BM4 service.  Yesterday a pair of similar boxes were sighted heading to Perth on 7MP5.

About 12 months old, this box still looks in good shape.


17 January 2018

Hanjin Box

After Hanjin was declared bankrupt just under 12 months ago, a lot of the Hanjin boxes have been sold off with logos painted out and codes changed.  

Snapped on 11/01/18 running from Melbourne to Brisbane is this 'pristine' Hanjin 45G1 box HJCU 199628-0.  

Hanjin boxes were a common sight on Australian port shuttles in the 1980s right through to the present era.  


16 January 2018

Endeavour 2802/2852

Set 02 has been hanging around the Highlands lately so I grabbed a shot on the first sunny morning we have had in a while.

You can see the yellow starting to peel off above the windscreen already.  Probably due to the tough wash program they put them through.  


08 January 2018

CMA CGM Shipping Containers - 45G1

A few CGM CMA containers turned up on BM4 the other day.  I suspect these are paper containers running on he east coast, and I recall were usually on the now defunct Aurizon services.  

Below are a few varieties of the CMA CGM 45G1 type containers.

With the new loco (unveiled in mid-2017) CMAU 728229-8 is a CMA owned container with eco features.

Showing the recently replaced loco, CMAU 590526-2 is another CMA owned container.

The Seaco text and the SEGU code is a give away that this is a leaved container painted in CMA CGM colours.  This is SEGU 522009-6.

A new lease Textainer container with the new logo.  This is TGBU 528096-0.  

While not painted in CMA CGM blue, this brown lease box carry a small CMA CGM logo on the bottom right corner.  DRYU 969260-1 is a SeaCube (former Carlisle) owned box.


03 January 2018

Short Spoil Service

In mid-December, SRS ran a short spoil train from Sydney to Picton, via Moss Vale.  The locos were 4702 and 4701 on 12 spoil open wagons.

4702/4701 heading south through Aylmerton, running to Moss Vale to turn on the triangle.

A little over an hour later, the train returned on the Up.

Yellow NDCF 250x.

Orange NDCF 2098.

Brown NDCH 2092.

Brown (form BDX) NDCH 2526.

NDMX 1801.

NDMX 1803

NDMX 1804.

NDMX 1806.

NDMX 1807.

NDMX 1809.

NDMX 1819.

NDNF 2536.