30 September 2019

Omega Chemicals - JJAU

Always unusual to see such a low numbered container - JJAU 000001-0.  This is a JJAP ISO tank carrying Aluminium Chlorohydrate.


24 September 2019

Some Cool Flatrack Loads

A wide variety of mainly K&S KT and KHS flatracks, plus a couple of Simon FD flatracks.  

Most were operating to and from Perth.


20 September 2019

Telstra SESU

This was on the back on BM4 the other week.  

Telstra marked SESU 290367-1, with a custom roller door in one end.


16 September 2019

New Chemtrans Tank

A new Eurotainer marked for Chemtrans.  This is EURU 146614-3 and is a 22K2 type.


15 September 2019

Pair of Kents

An older and newer Kent removal KENU boxes.  

KENU 6000`6-3 and 814257-3.  Both are 25G1 type


11 September 2019

Royal Wolf Remark

Royal Wolf 40ft box 941379-7 has been recoded from RVTU/RWTU to TX.  Probably a Toll code as they have a habit of recoding lease boxes to fall within the Toll code standard.


07 September 2019

Endeavour Half Heights

Scored some Endeavour half-heights in Newcastle a few weeks back.

They are IPSU coded container, running customer numbers on the side.