30 September 2015

Last for the month - Aurizon MB7

The last blog for September, and here are some shots from a late running MB7 this morning.

A very clean LDP 003 leading LDP 007.

Bulk container ABLK 201226.

These are quite common around the country - former Hamburg Sud 40ft boxes with the logos painted out.

Exsif tank EXFU 061069.

Orica sodium cyanide tank ORA 454.  This is the common tank style.

ORA 4587 showing a less common tank style on a new Aurizon QQBY wagon.

Marked for QR, bulk container QRTB 706034 is a former SCF container.

Double stacked Royal Wolf flat racks coded RWCP and RWAC.

Former green QRN side door container, SCFU 304135 is now in SCF grey.  Note the missing front panel and the green behind.

A rare find on the east coast heading north is SCT reefer R044.

SKYU 207744 with a modified side.


29 September 2015

US Containers - Final Part 3 of 3

The last lot of US containers.  Here are some J B Hunt and other plain white containers.

JB Hunt with slightly different green Intermodal logos.

JB Hunt with ULINE logo.

JB Hunt plate sided container.

Another early plate sided JB Hunt container.  These are all 53ft.

Another plate container in a TTX Well.

A very plain UPSU container above a White Arrow container.

Another UPSU container on a spine car.

A White Arrow WARU container in a BNSF well.


24 September 2015

Some more US containers..

A selection of various EMP and HUB Group 53ft containers from earlier in the year in Pennsylvania. 

A green EMP rib side with he offset logo above a white plate EMP container.

Another green EMP rib side with the centre logo.

Some older plate sided containers.  The top one is a Werner (former Traxx) and the bottom one is an EMP.

A green plate EMP container.

A small EMP logo on a plate sided container.

A plate sided and rib sided.  A good comparison of the old above the new.

Now branded as a HUB Group container, this one is different to the styles below..

An orange Hub Group rib sided container.

The same again but in green.

A plate sided green Hub Group container.


19 September 2015

Now for something a little different - US Containers

A few container photos from March this year in the Pennsylvania area on the Norfolk Southern.

C R England reefers with different Thermo King units.

Tiger Cool Express reefer

A C R England reefer with a Werner box in the well.

Matson 53ft boxes.

Swift 50ft box.

Werner 53ft box.  Nice blue!

Some FedEx containers.


18 September 2015

This is a 9'6 high container.....

A bit of fun?

17 September 2015

Aurizon MB7

Yesterday on the way to work I managed to follow MB7 through Bargo and Spaniards (Glenlee area) with some photos.

Double 6020s round the reverse curve at Spaniards, next to the Hume Highway.

Regular front runners, SCT vans are pretty common these days.  This one is ABSY 2451.

A Royal Wolf container marked for Aurizon as an AEED.

A couple of photos of Millers Moves container MMM006.  These are pretty old these days.

This was an interesting find.  TM773 is an open sided container.  I think it joins with others to create a portable building.

QQAY 47825 with a Bulkhaul BLKU tanktainer.

New QQBY 2014 with an Aurizon AFED container.

QQBY 2041 with an SCFU Reefer.  These previously carried Wilmot markings.

QQBY 2106 with an Aurizon AEED Rail Containers box loaded centrally on the wagon.

Old school QQGY 700 with a pair of CRT boxes.

Jumbo QQMY 22004.

Another Jumbo, QQMY 22032.

Fresh Royal Wolf RWTU 443048 with the new logo.