30 July 2010

FreightLink 2DA2

Cloudy skies and backlit trains can produce some interesting lighting effects. At Bowman, A late running DA2 passes an ARTC Electrician servicing the level crossing.

FQ02/ALF21/VL361 Lead the train.

Carew Car FDDY 5 (ormerly FDAY) is a former Bluebird.

In Adelaide I noticed a new 'brand' of containers getting around - 'Rail Containers'. Upon closer inspection, this company is an SCF Company. This is a 46ft Reefer container.

Here is a 48ft standard container by Rail Containers.

A very nice fully marked Intermodal Solutions 40ft container. Only the first 10 were painted with full logos, and the rest carry much smaller logos or none at all.

28 July 2010


A beautiful day last week allowed a chase of SCT's 3MP9 from Virginia to Bowman. Gorgeous winter sun allowed for some ripper photos!

SCT 007 and 004 depart Bowman, heading for Perth.
The next series of wagons shots are of the same train atVirginia.
In-line fuel tanker PQFY 3047 leads the way behind the locos.

Former Bluebird, PDAY 003 is today's crew car.

Loaded with timber is former Victorian VQCY 564, now fitted with large bulk heads and 70t bogies.

PQMY 274 is in charge of a new SCT semi trailer chassis.

PQIY 0019 is loaded with two SCT reefer containers. The lead container is fitted with a new Thermo King freezer unit, which has colour coded panels.

A well worn PBGY 0017 shows of a few ideas on how to weather one of these beasts.

Finally, ARFY 2187 is fitted with new Carrier freezer unit. These vans were build on ROX container wagon chassis.

27 July 2010

SCT @ Islington

A few lovely morning shots of SCT at Islington Workshops. Dropping off a wagon with an engine loaded on it, and picking up a crew car.

H2 sitting on a glass table?

H2, PQMY 4236, T345 and Crew Car PSDS 2279.

Former SDS, PSDS 2279 ready to depart.

PQMY 4236 (Former RQMY) sits with an engine for Gemco. The engine wrapping was marked with a DriveTrain sticker.


Bombed by the clouds, and racing to get to the airport, here are a few shots of QR's MP1 service at Avon.

An LDP and CLP lead MP1 through the crossing.




26 July 2010

Wagons Around Islington

Some random wagon photos around Islington last week.

The BRO shunt tractor moving an SCT wagon for Gemco Rail to unload (move photos in a future Blog).

Overhauled RRXY 4. This wagon has been pressume cleaned and comes us as good as new.

RLUY 18719 being reactivated for PN. This wagon is likely to be painted ligjt green. Interestingly, they are not being recoded to RLSY, like the original Sadleirs vans.

CHCH 7602, all painted up for ore traffic. This wagon is ex BHP Iron Ore.

AHWX 0013 filled with gold?

24 July 2010

Locos Around Islington

A few loco shots. A couple have been cropped square (which is something I don't normally do).

BRO Shunter 53 (formerly 533).

Coote K class get ready for an ARTC Ballast train.

Freshly painted C506 with the Green Trains logo on the nose. This logo also has a yellow rectangle on the hood with Green Trains.

A livery that may not exist for much longer - Patrick 1872.

One of my favourite chop noses - former 45 class, 103 is another Patrick coloured unit.

23 July 2010

3MP5 - Mmm Double Stacks

Probably my favourite thing about Railroading in South Australia is the Doube Stacks. MP5 is usually made up of large number of well wagons double stacked, and this one was no exception. It even had triple deckcar carriers!!

Approaching Bowman with NR94 and 93 in the lead.

Former Bluebird trailer, RZDY 103 (IBIS) is the crew car for the trip to Perth.

Plenty of Toll and Ceva containers double stacked in RRZY, RQZY and RRRY well wagons.

RRZY 7033 with a bright collection of containers.

There are not a lot of places where you will see open car carriers, let alone triple deckers. Leading 7 such wagons is RMWY 34025 and 34024, still painted in Westrail yellow.

RMDY 3141, ex AN wagon.

RMGY 1802, ex AN wagon, capable of carrying 5 cars on each deck. These tyes of wagons have a heavier centre sill and are about 3m longer than the other triple deckers.

Another double stack. The top container looks to be an ex-Linfox (ex Cubico) 48ft. It is now painted in Toll green and marked for TSPD.

GHAN at Bowman

We were lucky to get the sun at Bowman for the GHAN. Here is crossed 2DA2 (photos coming later). As part of the consist (up near the front) were three Platinum BRG cars.


Coleman Rail - Adelaide Metro Upgrades

Well here is the start of about 10 or so Blogs on South Australian trains.

I thought would start with the highlight of my trip - the Coleman rail Kenworth cab over and a small broad gauge ballast train.

The work train is loading along side Islington Workshops, and was operating around the Islington/Kilburn station areas.

The consist was Kenworth K100, AHBF 0007, and silver Ballast hopper (formerly NN 105).

The drvier was nice enough to smile for the photo!!

The rear of the K100 with hi-rail wheels and compressor unit.

Formerly NN 105, sold to Coleman Rail by El Zorro.

Loading GWA hopper AHBF 0007

The works train at the loading point. The SG track to the right is the enterance to Islington Workshops. The tracks on the right are the BG Metro lines.

17 July 2010

About time for an UPDATE!

It has been a while between shots. I have been pretty busy with meetings and travel, although next week should yield a few interesting photos from SA.

XW4 with another top NR/NR/AN Combo



RQCX 712?

RKJX 48 with safety yellow sides. YUK!

MB7 (Running late, and I got punished by the cloud!!)

QQTY 883 with a QRN 40ft+ reefer

QQTY 859

QQGY 509 still in FA Yellow

CQBY 2171 with some nice mud splashes from the numerous mud holes on ARTC track!