27 April 2019

HO Scale Intermodal Sale

G'day Everyone,

I am thinning out my intermodal collection now that I have two terminals and various trucks and trains kitted up with enough containers for a lifetime.  Check out my massive Intermodal Ebay Sale  HERE

Everything starting at 99 cents!

A few photos of my under-construction intermodal terminals:


26 April 2019

Colourful Bogie

Grabbed this shot of a YMC / 2CM 2-piece bogie the other day.  Nice and colourful!


24 April 2019

CAI Leasing CMA CGM 45G1

CAI containers are normally bright red, but this one is leased to, and painted for CMA CGM.  The box is CAIU 969845-0 and is a 45G1.


22 April 2019

Mittagong in Autumn

Managed to get a sunny at Mittagong Junction last week with full autumn colours and a strange combo on MB4

8167 leading NR/G/NR around the curve at Mittagong Junction

G542 looking pretty sad.

An ARTC hi-rail doing a track inspection on the down.

Late on the same day, double QBXs haul the empty VISY paper train to Harefield.


21 April 2019

Mittagong Bridge

A few shots from Good Friday at the Mittagong Station foot bridge.

An interesting combo on NY3 - NR86/NR84/8033.

8033 has had a very recent bath and looked brilliant.

BM4 also had an interesting combo on NR/NR/AN, with the leading two NRs elephant style.

Endeavour 2802/2852 has been running around a lot lately.  Here is a trailing shot of it departing Mittagong station.


14 April 2019

Indian Pacific Platinum Cars

A set of three platinum cars on the diverted Indian Pacific AS8 the other week, seen here at Bargo River NSW.

BRG 171

BRG 175

SSA 260, which was always the Special Service car, but has since been pulled into the general platinum fleet.


08 April 2019

Qube Gensets

Just realised that I have posted any LQAY genset photos as yet.  These run on 1311/3112, keep reefer containers full of meat chilled before they get to port for shipping overseas.  Each genset normally powers around 15 containers per train.

One of the MTU gensets on a brown 22P3 flatrack

The backside of a genset on a PCIU 22P3.

The genset plugs into cabling on a set of wagons.  Each wagon has 3 junction boxes with outlets for the containers to plug into for power.

The front side of that PCIU genset.


05 April 2019

Fletchers via the South

Sunny days and interesting trains have been a rarity around my place in recent weeks.  Wednesday was an exception with the Fletchers coming via the south due to a track closure at Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains.  

Triple FIEs rounding Mittagong Junction.

Approaching Bargo River

This was an interesting one.  CMA CGM with ANL markings.  They are the same shipping line these days.  The box is CGMU 297632-9 and is a 22R1 reefer.

A fresh ONE 45R1 reefer.  This is a Seacube box, SZLU 956494-0.