31 January 2013

Jumbo Coil

With the SSFL now open, XW4/PW4 doesn't split at Goulburn as often, therefore, running past my place with a health load of empty jumbo coil wagons.  These are from a cloudy 21/1.
RCEF 243, fitted with a NSW XG type bogie.
RCEF 306, fitted with a NSW XLB type bogie.
RQIW 60311 with jumbo coil cradle containers.
VQOF 31 - looks like it has had the same treatment as the RCEF with the deck cut outs.
VQOF 1079 also with jumbo containers.
Finally, a easily identified favourite - RKDF 20419 with the custom lift out door.

27 January 2013

1815 - Again...

Something other than an RL this week.  Double 80s and a 600, make a very tasty ALCo combo on Qube's 1815 to Forbes.

25 January 2013

Reo Bar - RKWY

Something a bit different, and no - it isn't that I took a cloudy shot! 
Here are a few different loads of reo bar loading inside RKWY, RKOX, ROKX type open wagons.

23 January 2013

BM4 Aylmerton

On 4/1 I went for a bit of a walk to get this shot from a nice vantage point at Aylmerton. 

Double NRs on BM4 running on time.

Single well RRIY 0001.

Victorian wagons are making an appearance on superfreighters these day.  Here is VQCY 818 is FA green.

On an RQSY is Brambles reefer 1202.  This box would be well over 10 years old, and certainly looks it.  Many of these BHSR boxes have been repainted in the latest Toll livery.


20 January 2013

Aylmerton in January

Blogger seems to be having some issues with attaching photos in the standard 'compose' publish screen, so I have been holding off on posting for a week now.  There is a basic work around by using the HTML screen but that isn't much fun either.
Anyway, here are a few shots from Aylmerton on 3/1, 4/1 and 7/1. 
QR BM7 with an original pair of LDPs and a new 6020.
RL309 and 603 on Qube train 181.
RL309 and 602 on Qube train 1815, taken about 300m down from the above two photos.

05 January 2013

Rebirthing Bulldogs

A pair of unusual photos taken in the same week in December 2012.  It is a small glimpse as to how these old girls were originally built some 60 years ago, and are now being reactivated and restored for SSR.
GM3 under restoration at Lithgow Workshops.
B75 under restoration at Bendigo Workshops.

04 January 2013

Qube 1811

The afternoon of 29/12/12 was absolutely gorgeous, and Qube's 1811 was running at a perfect afternoon time for some local shots. 
RL301/RL306 at Bargo.
A little further south at Yerinbool.
New build CQJY 2427.
SOAX 33199.
Former flexivan wagon SQVF 12452.

03 January 2013

New Year Treat Part 2

Just infront of SSR ballast job 4M78, was QRN grain train 3958.
AGWF 21859 with a pair of yellow bogies.
AGWF 21869 with a pair of grey bogies.
Green AHGX 34160 with grey bogies.
AHGX 34148 with grey bogies.
A close up of one of the recently overhauled/painted grey bogies.  This one is marked with VAR, which tells that it was overhauled by Varley in Newcastle.

02 January 2013

New Year Treat Part 1

An SSR hauled ARTC transfer (4M78) headed north through Aylmerton on the afternoon of New Years Day.
B65/B61/4702 provide the horsepower.
Ballast hopper ADFF 2216 (former NDFF)
Plough van ADPF 2003 (former NDPF)
Plough van ADPF 2002 (former NDPF)
Through the trees.