Streamliners 2017 - Goulburn NSW

In what can only be described as one of the best locomotive displays this century, 'Streamliners 2016' was held at Goulburn over the October long weekend.  

SSR's B61 painted in a special Streamliners livery was the star of the attraction, although there were plenty of great looking locos on display.  Well done to Bernie Baker, and all who assisted, for making such a remarkable event.

The locomotives on display around the turntable on Sunday were:
B61, 4204, 42101, 4490, 4477, B65, S302, S306, S317, S300, 4486, GM27, GM19, GM1, CLP11, 42105, 4461.

Below are a selection of the highlights.



  1. when is the next event please