30 August 2018

Classic Combo

A beautiful clear morning and two pristine bulldogs!

4201 and 42103 lead a passenger train around the curves of Werai as they near the town of Exeter.


25 August 2018

SCF Repaint

Shot this earlier in the week.  It is SCFU 413155-1 which is a 2013 build, but has been freshly repainted from the Aurizon livery.  It was a former AFDB yellow box.


23 August 2018

New Mainfreight General Purpose Container

Only days after sighting my first new Mainfreight curtain-sider, along came a 40ft GP contianer.  This has been around for about a month, but is the first time I have seen it.

MFAU 000001.


18 August 2018

New Mainfreight curtain sider

Scored this new 40ft curtain sided container on PS6 today.  

It is MFAU 000014.


17 August 2018

BGTY Grain Wagons

SSR's BGTY 1431 with freshly applied Allied Pinnacle lettering.


14 August 2018

LDP005 Returns

LDP005 returned to NSW this morning on SCTs 2MB9.  

I was very lucky with my shot at Berrima Junction as it was almost foiled by the Canberra Xplorer.


10 August 2018

Diesels on Goonyella

Grabbed a couple of diesel consists on the Goonyella system.  The first was at German Creek which was a Blackwater consist.  The second was a Goonyella consist photoed at Waitara, just near the new PN Nebo facility.

PN 8346/8342 leading a 100 wagon consist into German Creek.

Mid-train units 8349 and 8347.

8349 with RUOK markings.

8304 coming through Waitara with an empty consist.

New 8348 as a mid train unit.


06 August 2018

Electrics at Coppabella

A few shots from around coppabella the other week.  Was a very busy hour in the afternoon with both loaded and empty trains running only sections behind each other.

Electric 3510 leading and empty coal train.

Painted in the QR bronco colours is electric 3561.

Rebuild 3761 with an empty coal train.

PN's 7133 with another empty.
A loco shot of PNs 7133.

A loco shot of Aurizons 3761.

Despite Blackwater Only signage, VSAL 49981 was enjoying the journey on the Goonyella system.


01 August 2018

Around Bowen

A few shots around the Bowen and Collinsville area

4133 at Abbott Point on a loaded coal

PN's 8309 on the rear of an empty train at Abbott Point

8309 again as the train approaches Pring yard.

A nice little intermodal terminal at Merinda near Pring. 

A filter 4165 on a loaded coal climbing the grade near Almoola on the Newlands line.

Over the grade and coasting through Briaba.

Mid-train helper and class leader 4001.

An empty train with 4137 on the rear.