31 October 2011

QR Goonyella System Photos

A few photos from 16/10/2011 on the Goonyella System.  The first three are at Ballook, the 'cloudy' shot is at Jilalan, and the last two are near Coppabella.  Enjoy!

27 October 2011

Photos Around Bluff QLD

Below are some various photos from around the Bluff (QLD) area on the Blackwater Coal System, taken on 16/10/2011.

Operations consisted of 100 wagon trains with 3500 electrics, 4000 deisels, or 3700/3800 electrics.


24 October 2011

Blackwater System Photos 16/10/2011

Some photos from the Rockhampton area on the Blackwater Coal System.  The photos are taken around the Westward, Gracemere, and Rocklands area.

These are the sunniest shots I managed in QLD.  Enjoy!

23 October 2011

PNQ Coal Fleet

A few photos of the various hoppers in the PNQ coal fleet. 

PNQ exclusively run ECP braking, where as QR are still operating pnuamatic braking coal trains.

All the photos were taken around the Auckland Point area at Gladstone.   

The original PNQ coal hopper design - NHAH from Bradken. 

The prototype NHCH 2-pack from FreightCar Americaa in a consortium with EDI. 

New NHGH hoppers built by CSR Yangtze.  The highest numbered pair was a rake in the 200 series. 

Just over the road is a stack of NHGHs ready to be put on rail.


21 October 2011

PN 83 Class Chassis

Sighted at Goondiwindi QLD earlier this week was the chassis for a Downer EDI built PN 83 class loco.

The frames are build in Port Augusta SA and trucked to Maryborough QLD for completion.

Completed 8329 was photoed at the workshop last week.   


QR Wagons around Gladstone

Unfortunately the weather was pretty foul, but still managed a few record shots of QR wagons around Gladstone.

 A narrow gauge Aligned bogie.  Never knew QR had these!

 QZS 32413 at Auckland Point.  No idea what this wagon does but presume it is infrastructure related.

 New VCCS 55924.

 New VCCS 55886

 Weighbridge wagon VSAS 51056.

Weighbridge wagon ITVO 32960. 


20 October 2011

First of a bunch from QLD

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting some QLD shots taken over a 4 day period between 15 and 19 October.  With a mate, we covered about 4000km in 5 days, and travelled as far north as Bowen, as far west as Emerald, and covered as much of the four QLD coal networks as possible - plus a little bit of cane.

Day 1 was travelling from the Sunshine Coast to Rockhampton.

Recently built 4160 (and 4159) sit at Rocky depot.  They had gone in the morning (up to Pring on the Newlands Coal Network). 

Stored 3900 class at Gladstone.   

Brand new 8329 at EI Maryborough facility.  Also in the shed was new QRN loco 4165. 

Passenger set 243 at EDI also.


14 October 2011

Heading North

Tomorrow I'm off to North QLD for a few days snapping the skinny gauge trains. 

Hopefully I'll be able to post some shots during the next week or so.


12 October 2011

PN Jobs - 27/09/2011

A few from a couple of weeks back.  I've uploaded a 'job lot' of MB4, BM4, and NY3.

Two FCL insulated containers with solar panels on the roof. 

Four different transtanks all carrying alcoholic beverages for Fosters. 

QRX steel flatracks returning empty to Melbourne.  Not all the QRX flatracks are painted Toll green. 

 A Sinclair Hire container.

An FCL flatrack at the lead of NY3. 

An RKDF with a rather unique door.  This wagon has been getting around for a few years now.  I pressume the cut out sections at the top allow a forklift to lift the section out. 

RKPF 30317 at top and 30318 below it.  Two interesting examples of the same wagon.