27 August 2019

PN Steel Wagons

A few steel wagons from Morandoo last week.

Now high speed, RKAY 20543.

Another high wheeler, RKBY 20465.

Modified from plate to conti-stretch, RKQF 60245.


23 August 2019

Qube Container Hut

This was one of those moments where you put together a few pieces of the supply chain.  This modified container (310274-8) was spotted twice over four days on two different rail services being moved from one location to another.

On 17/8, the container was headed into Sydney from Perth on PN service PS6.

On 20/8 the same container was headed south to Wagga from Sydney on Qube service 1311.

Would make a nice modelling project.


20 August 2019

iFreight Reefers

With only two Breeze reefers painted in the iFreight light blue, it isn't all that common to see them, let alone both in one day.

BRZC 8 heading north to Brisbane.

BRZC9 heading south to Melbourne.


10 August 2019

SSR Water Train

This week saw the start of the SSR 'water train' running between Charbon and Airly mine out near Lithgow.  The train comprises of 15 x BQIX wagons which are former ELX open wagons.  

There was a good story by the ABC plus an interview on the Country Hour on 8/8.  The is currently running most days, departing Charbon around 11am and departing Airly around 3pm.


08 August 2019

New TS Lines 45G1

TS Lines generally have marked lease containers, and veryfew of their own.  Historically their own boxes have been marked as TSLU, however it looks like they have a few new ones.  This here is a TSSU 45G1 container on the VISY train.


07 August 2019

East Coast Cement

After a sighting in Newcastle not so long ago, I managed a nice record shot of NQHX 22140 this week, carrying two very clean SCFU East Coast Cement containers.  These are SCFU 887056 and 887057.  They were travelling as part of the RASP ore train heading to Broken Hill.


01 August 2019

New Toll 48ft Container

Got this today on MB4.  Brand new Toll 48ft container TEVP 819009.