31 May 2011

PS7 - May 27

 NR82 smoking it up all the way from Perth apparently.

 Intermodal Solutions curtain sider.  Some of these are in Tolls colours.

A selection of 3 different Toll 40ft curtain sided containers.  Most of these would be at least 10 years old now.


30 May 2011

XW4 - 26 May

Some photos of XW4.  Have you noticed my weakness for steel trains?

 NR40 in a panoramic shot looking towards the Nepean River.

 A bit of an unusaly combo - NR40/AN8.

 AN RKLY with freshly repainted BHP scrap steel container.

 An ROQF with several punchure holes in the side.

 An RQSY with butter boxes - certainly quite unusualy to get these on an RQSY.

An RQTY with botter boxes - not as uncommon as the RQSY, but still rather unusual.


QQKY 106

Just a single shot tonight - QQKY 106P with 2 CRT containers.

Bargo NSW 26/05/2011


PN Mittagong, 20 May

Still catching up - thankfully this week looks to be pretty wet, and I'm not travelling, so I should be able to catch up on the last 10 days of photos.

6NY3 with a few 5-packs of containers up front.  This is pretty common, with the wagons being detached at Goobang Jct or Spencer Jct for on-forwarding on an SP intermodal job.

An interesting container was on the lead of NY3.  Anew SCF Rail Container with orange doors.  Not sure if these are the ones made from plastic, but they ceratinly stand out. 

More ROQF and ROHF ore concentrate wagons are turning up carting scrap/slag from Whyalla to Port Kembla.  Complimenting the usual ROBX and RCDX wagons is ROQF 334, without any noticable tears in the wall skin, unlike some others!

 Plate steel wagon RKXF 60152.

Out of gauge plate steel wagon RRYY 7085.

NR85 was the trailing unit on 5MB4.

5 of a kind, on RRYY 30.

RQZY 7036. I haven't seen the articulated wells (7004, 7007 and 7083) for a few weeks, and have noticed more RRRY and RQZY/RRZY well sets on MB/BM services.


28 May 2011

Broadmeadow 19 May

A few more wagon photos from Broadmeadow on 19 May.

120t NHYH wagon heading south on Railcorp track to Teralba Colliery.

Ceva(?) container HBT307 in a fresh lime green.  Previous HBT containers have been in the standard TNT orange.

Another blast from the past - RRKY 2694, fitted with Aligned bogies and still sporting the CR logo.  The only modern feature is the PN yellow stripe on the side sill.

5-pack RRYY 22 with a load of Toll and Patrick cartainers.  Worth noting is the AB container at the front with the same flat roof as all the Patrick containers.  Many of the Toll cartainers seen on the east coasr are MB type with the mansard roof.


Port Waratah 18 May

A few shots from around Port Waratah/Morandoo a few weeks back.

Pride of the PN fleet?  8040 has seen better days.

A pair of CFCLA ELs on a PN Pelton/Austar coal train stabled at Port Waratah during track work. 
The smallest wagons operating in the Hunter Valley are the NHTF 76t gross hoppers - being hauled by the ELs in the photo above.  NHTF 36401.

Repainted NHVF 35159 - probably a Varley's repaint. 

Shunters float NZAF 87010, from memory ex Cylde.
Rod in Coil RCOF 20913 - not the unusal (For RCOF wagons) XH type bogies.
RKHF 20293 with the centre divider installed to split the rod load.

A modern rod in coil wagon, RQRY 1102 with a SSR Bendigo Workshops build RIC container frame.


27 May 2011

Braodmeadow 18 May

 A few interesting wagons were photoed in Braodmeadow last week.

 QHBF 41625 - Former Narrow Gauge VAKM, now stored at Casino.

 QHBF 40647 - NO idea why QRN overhauled this wagon, but I'm not a fan of the colour.

WA born WOAX 33073, complete with end hatches.

SQGF 537 with XF type bogies and a interesting pair of concentrate containers.  The SQGF class are fitted with almost every version of X type imaginable, including XG, XH, XF, XL, and even some interstate bogies from Vic and SA.
 MB7 with a pair of dirty LDPs coming through the Relief Road.

 An Orica Mining Container

A Sadleirs Tanktainer


25 May 2011

Lithgow 10th May

A few from a couple of weeks back - I'm trying to catch up on the backlog of May photos!

Sorry, but most of the shots are locomotives! 

8005/8172 leading cement train 1721 to Kandos.

An NPHH with what looks to be experimental monitoring equipment fitted. 

 4464 on the AK cars.

 G513 in Lithgow Yard.

Some sort of Mine loco running on Zig Zag.


24 May 2011

Rollingstock Photos


Please see the link below for my experimental concept on photo and informaion sharing using a Blog.

Feel free to start contributing today!



Guest Contributer - Peter Donaghy

Courtesy of Peter Donaghy of Kalgoorlie.

Water tank (chalked as Zanthus Gin) ATWY 3189F is parked in the 'Engineers Siding' at Kalgoorlie WA.  Note the very clean and clear ANR logos still on the side.  What a classic!!


23 May 2011

The Final Installment - Part 6

We have finally made it - a week later and here is the last group of photos from a busy Monday 16th May.  The location is Mittagong as the sun starts to drop around 4.15pm.

In comparison today, I photographed 2134 and LS02.  PW4 and NP3 snuck through while I was busy, PS7 was running late and I'm not sure about BM7.

LDP007 leads a very clean 6009.

 CFCLA leased CQGY 546.  Keen observers will notice the verticle handbrake wheel on the end - a project I started when I was at CFCLA.

 Former PN, now QR owned jumbo QQMY 22003.

 CQBY 2058 with a interesting mix of tanktainers and DG container.

 QQGY 599 with two CRT boxes.

Finally, three of a kind! - Geocycle containers on ex narrow gauge QQAY 47801.