29 December 2013

Happy New Year

Managed a shot of a diverted Qube export container job on 27/12.  I beleive this was 8164 from Dubbo, via the south (due to the west track closure). 
An interesting combo of 1106/RL303/VL. 
Of special note in the consist was an open top 42U1 type container, TRLU 695716 (marked as CMA CGM).  I would presume this to be empty due to no roof covering. 
Over the coming days I'll be posting shots of the export reefer boxes (22R1 and 45R1 type).
Happy New Year!

24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

19 December 2013

Aurizon BM7

Managed a few shots of BM7 earlier this month.  Elephant style yellow LDPs made it a little bit more interesting.
LDP 006 and 008 past Aylmerton.
A QQAY with Blue Sky Intermodal BSIU 261885 and a CRT 30ft box.
Conroy Removals CPIU 782002.
Formerly a Royal Wolf box, now marked for Aurizon as ASDT 932592.
A pair of AFDB Aurizon boxes on a CQMY.
An unmarked 'shed' on a QQAY wagon.
Triple ISO tanks on a QQAY.  All are marked as SCFU or SCZU and are in the 870000 series.
Sitting in the well of QQLY 1011 is AFED 411227.
The local pass heading for Moss Vale.

16 December 2013

Melbourne Container Trip

Was down in Melbourne a few weeks back and grabbed a couple of shots while on the road. 
Formerly Westgate Ports, now Qube, a QUBU container (409107) sits above Westgate container WGPS 8319.
WGPS 8318 and 8331.
Interflow tanker NRSU 561214 at Melbourne Port.
A former shipping container come generator container, Patrick PAT 03.  This box is used to power reefer containers coming in from regional towns.
VTQY 671 at Tottenham yard.
Shunt units at the docks - T371 and T392.

15 December 2013

Quad NRs on BM4

 A few shots of BM4 from earlier in December. 
Quad star NRs power through Aylmerton.

Repaired box AUSU 409604.
Blue Sky Intermodal shipping box BSIU 940261.
Chemtrans CTC1247599.
Interbulk TCLU 258443.
RAND 339 - An Intermodal Solution Big Freeze box.
Tradecorp TIHU 210108
A monster 10'6 Toll box - TOL 106039

13 December 2013

MB4 (A month ago!)

A few shots of MB4 from mon November (just starting to catch up!)
NR84 leading DL46 and another NR on MB4 through Aylmerton.
Portrait of DL46 in PN colours.
New Linfoix box FCGU 9140009 on wagon RQNW 60009.