28 May 2021

Blog Advertising?

Snapped this the other day and noticed that maybe it is a shout-out to my Blog??  



26 May 2021

QLD 2020 - Linfox Containers

I spent some time around Brisbane during Christmas 2020 and haven't posted any shots so far.  Here is a selection of Linfox boxes, may of which were previously Aurizon, pus a few other bits and pieces.

Class leader 2801 at Dakabin

ABLK bulker.

Another ABLK bulker and a former QRN 40ft Seacell

A former Aurizon 40+ Reefer and a 10ft side door loaded on a BCZY.

A 20+ ATRF reefer and another seacell loaded on a BEZY.

Another AFRF 40+ Reefer plus a former QRN QLST side door.

Double stacked K&S KTES class steel carriers.  From memory, these units have extendable ends to go out several more feet in length.

Recently repainted QREC 707156-4.  Based on the number, this was probably a former SCF bulk container.  

Seacell QRFE 400825-8.  These are starting to get a bit tired.

Another former SCF container, QRNG 707251-8, which are used for glass traffic.

Reefer QRRF 480035-0.  This is possibly a lease unit so hasn't been marked with the Linfox branding.

Another bulker, QRTBS 01262-5.  The fifth letter being 'S' stood for 'Spuds' as they carried potatoes.  The 'S' went over the top of the first number in the container code.   

A former Intermodal Solutions side door, this one is now owned by Royal Wolf.  This would have formerly been an ISHU box.

A CS Leasing SLZU flatrack set up for carrying steel traffic.


24 May 2021

Paint Out

 A former CGM CMA box which has been sold.  A nice patch out/paint out for the modellers.


22 May 2021

SSR CLF 3 - Space Ghost

With ICE radio now fitted, CLF3 made a rare appearance on the SSR Grey grain train the other week due to a loco swap to allow the Green grain train to run down the Illawarra Mountain.  

Trailing unit in the combo was CLF1 painted in SSR livery.


19 May 2021

SNF Australia Tank

Haven't seen these SNF tanks around much at all, so was please to get this SNFU ISO tank the other day.  This one is 100113 which suggests there may be at least 13 of them!  

The side ribs are an interesting feature of this tank.


16 May 2021

SLZU Block

Following the Qube derailment on the Illawarra Mountain in December 2020 and the destruction of 39 grain hoppers, Qube have resorted to moving bulk grain in bulk containers.

The CS Leasing SLZU containers have generally been running as a block from western NSW to Port Kembla.  

The other day on 3112, it appeared that a number were being moved from the south to Sydney for transfer.

CQMY 3079 with a solid block of four SLZU 511 series containers.  These are 2EG9 bulk type.

A bit of an oddity to get a general domestic box between two shipping containers.  


15 May 2021

Seaco SeaPC+

These have been around for a little while but have evaded me on the rail.  

Seaco have called their pallet-wide (CPC) containers SeaPC+.  There are some 40ft versions getting around as well.

This one is coded SBOU rather than the more common SEGU Seaco BIC code.


14 May 2021

New Linfox Reefer

Snapped this just the other day.  It is coded FRLM which is a bit of departure from the second letter being T for Thermo King fridge unit.    

Externally, it appears the same as the FTLD 48'11 reefers delivered back in early 2020 for Linfox.  


12 May 2021

A few more trains

 Here are a few more shots around the Southern Highlands in April 2021.

Qube's 1311 service back to the Riverina for Visy.

Tahmoor coalie TM71 passing Mittagong Junction.

A Perth to Sydney service coming though Mittagong station.  The bridge where this shot is taken from is currently being demolished and replaced.  I don't think this should will be available until next year now. 

NY3 with a pretty combo passing the Mittagong maltings.


08 May 2021

Interesting Combos and Autumn Colours

A couple of interest combos and autumn colours in late April.

A funky SSR lashup on 3940 grain service to Enfield.  SSR101 is out for major servicing.  This shout was at Tahmoor.

Another SSR combo on an ARTC ballast train at Yass.  CLF1 looks fine in SSR livery, with some 48/830 locos behind and on the rear.  

Elephant style SCT, both very clean, coming through an Autumn coloured Mittagong station.  48hrs, a single SCT long end leading worked back south!



07 May 2021

What is it?

Came across this heading north a few weeks back.  HVS5 is the number.

Any ideas what it is and what it does?



03 May 2021

New Linfox 48ft Boxes

 Another new batch of 48ft Linfox boxes are started showing up in service over the past few months.

These appear to all be coded LFDU and run in a series from around 3081300-3081450.  These new boxes will probably spell the end for most of the older brown FCL boxes still getting around in GP service.


02 May 2021

New Royal Wolf 48ft

It's safe to say it has been a little busy in the household since December, and as such, not a single post so far for 2021!  This is easily the longest drought of posting since I started blogging way back in March 2010, but hopefully I can turn that around for the rest of the year.  

It also hasn't helped that the weather has been pretty poor, trains have been a bit thin due to major track closures after severe weather events, and in general, the rail scene in my area has not been all that inspiring.    

I have had a pretty busy April, with plenty of trains in good lighting, and have noted quite a number of fresh containers running around, so I thought I might start these next few posts with some of the new containers hitting the tracks.  

This one is a Royal Wolf 48ft general purpose dry box.  While all the previously ones have been blue, these have come out grey.  They appear to be identical to the new Linfox 48ft boxes getting around, and feature the container size marked on the side.  There seems to be at least 10 or so of these in traffic.  This one is RWTU 922146-1